Introducing NookureStaff (formerly MAStaff)
NookureStaff is the most advanced staff utilities plugin for Minecraft servers. Its comprehensive features, extensive customization options, and remarkable flexibility make it suitable for any type of Minecraft server, whether a small standalone server or a massive multi-proxy network.

Main features of the plugin
Our plugin has an extensive list of features that can be chosen to be toggled on or off by the end user, but we always make every aspect configurable.

Staff Mode
This mode restricts staff members from impacting the server state unless they have special permissions, while still granting them access to valuable moderation tools.


User Notes
This module allows adding notes to users on the Minecraft server. These notes can be displayed when the user logs in. Additionally, admins can set notes to be visible only to other admins, allowing them to leave notes for other staff members as well.


The vanish state can be activated by staff members using a command or while in Staff Mode, rendering them invisible to regular players. This feature enables staff to spectate players discreetly, monitor for hacks, and ensure compliance with server rules.

This tool enables staff members to freeze players and display a message in the chat. It can be particularly useful when staff need to conduct a screenshare on a user to verify if they are cheating.


Staff Chat
The Staff Chat feature provides a private communication channel for online staff members within the Minecraft server, allowing them to interact with each other discreetly without using the public chat.

Multi Server
This plugin is not only capable of running on an independent Minecraft server but is also compatible with Proxy synchronization. This compatibility enables simultaneous usage across multiple servers, facilitating communication of certain plugin features between the backend servers.

Multi Proxy
Nookure Staff is compatible with Proxy synchronization for multi-server use and seamlessly operates on multiple proxies with Redis integration. This allows efficient communication and synchronization of plugin functions across different proxy servers, enhancing scalability and performance in complex server setups.


Nookure Staff offers extensively customizable configuration files that allow for precise adjustments to every aspect of the plugin. Messages, items, and commands can be effortlessly modified within seconds. Additionally, the plugin boasts a variety of features that can be selectively enabled or disabled to tailor the user experience and ensure optimal server performance.

Multi-server and proxy sync
This plugin can work on multiple servers or proxies connecting each instance to a MySQL database. If you want, you can also setup Redis, following the steps in our official documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to have more than one server to use this plugin?
A: No, this plugin can run on standalone servers or multiple servers at once, depending on your needs.

Q: Do I need a license to use this plugin?
A: No. You only have to download the plugin from the website and drag it to your plugins folder on your server.

Q: Does this plugin support proxies?
A: Yes, the plugin supports both BungeeCord (and forks) and Velocity. We recommend Velocity for a better experience, as it is better in every aspect.

Q: How can I setup the plugin on my server?
A: You can check our documentation to learn how the plugin works and configure each aspect. If you find any difficulties during the process, you can join our Discord server and open a ticket, where we will help you fix your issue.

Q: I can't find a feature that I would like. How can I suggest that to be implemented?
A: You can join our Discord server and open a ticket explaining in detail what would you like to be implemented in next updates. We are always listening for feedback and trying to make NookureStaff better!

Important information
When buying NookureStaff, you will be able to ask for a copy of the source code on our Discord server. Open a ticket providing your proof of payment and your GitHub account email address, and you'll get access. For help setting up the plugin, you can check our official documentation. Here you will find everything you need to learn how to setup the plugin. If you want to report any issue, please contact us on our Discord server opening a ticket. We are also open to new suggestions and feature ideas, so feel free to give us your opinion about the plugin. To help other users on the website, we would appreciate you if you could leave a positive rating on the resource in case it's working well for you. Otherwise, we would like to help you, so we would appreciate if you could open a ticket on our Discord server in order to be able to help you.