McDuels provides a unique duel and practice pvp system which has a wide variety of features to choose from ranging from nine gamemodes, Normal, Combo, Build, Soup, Sumo, Spleef, Skywars, Bedwars, Koth. Each gamemode can support multiple kits and not to mention a kit editor so players could re-arrange their inventory. If there isn't any players online, McDuels PvPBots will will be a suitable solution to practice your pvp skills.

You can make a Custom PracticePvP server with McDuels or use it to add unique features to your KitPvP, Factions, RPG, Survival, SkyBlock servers or even run an advance mini-game server. With McDuels configuration options, you would be able to customize the plugin to fit your server needs. Visit the McDuels Wiki to check out all configuration options.

Join McDuels test server to have a deeper understand and feel of the unique and amazing features McDuels offer.



  • 1.7.10+ Version Support
  • Nine Gamemodes:

    • Normal
    • Build
    • Combo
    • Soup
    • Sumo
    • Spleef
    • Koth
    • SkyWars
    • BedWars
  • Nine Gametypes:
    • PvP Bots(1v1,2v2,3v3)
      • Player Bots
      • Zombie
      • PigZombie
      • Skeleton
      • Slime
      • Spider
      • CaveSpider
      • Wolf
      • IronGolem
      • Witch
    • Duels(1v1)
      • Choose between Rounds or Lives
      • RulesGUI
      • Bet Items, exp and money
      • Fight with and without givebacks
      • Duel Rematch Command
    • 1v1,2v2,3v3 Queues
    • FFA
    • PartyvsParty
  • Ten Premade Kits
    • Debuffs
    • Gapple
    • Archer
    • Combo
    • Sumo
    • Soup
    • SkyWars
    • BedWars
    • Koth 
    • Spleef
  • Fully customizable kits
  • McDuels WebPanel
  • Kit Editor
  • Option to fight with Kits, Individual Kits or Players inventory
  • Flexible
  • Duel system
  • Party system
  • Elo system
  • Lobby system
  • Queue system
  • Reward system
  • Player Statistics 
  • Langauge system(per player)
  • Supports English, Spanish French, Thai and Italian messages
  • Extremely configurable (messages, gui, settings, items and more).
  • Ability to have multiple arenas
  • Fully Customizable GUI menus and scoreboards
  • Joinable signs
  • MySQL and SQLite support
  • An API for developers.
  • Ranked and Unranked Games
  • Enderpearl cooldown
  • Spectator mode
  • An API for developers.
  • Random Arenas.
  • Disable in certain worlds
  • Game chat
  • Auto arrow remove.
  • Title Messages
  • Disable Commands, Block Place, Block Break for players in a game and spectating .
  • Customizable clickable messages
  • View players inventory after a game
  • Health shown in chat
  • Supported Plugins:
    • PlaceholderAPI
    • CombatLogX
    • CombatTagPlus
    • MVdWPlaceholderAPI
    • Vault
    • Citizens
    • Essentials
    • mcMMO
    • WorldEdit
    • LeaderHeads
    • PvPManager
    • MyPets
    • Multiverse Inventory
    • Per World Inventory
    • Factions
  • Lots more.

McDuels offer a great wiki to help understand more about the plugin and its amazing features.

Click here to for wiki

1) Requires a server with version 1.7.10 and above
2)  Buy and download the plugin.
3) Place the McDuels file in your plugins folder.
4) Start and stop your server to make sure all configurations are generated.
5) Use /mcduels reload to make sure everything is loaded

Discord: SteviePlaysMc4#9652
Discord Community:

By downloading this plugin, you agree to the following:
  • You are not permitted to redistribute the plugin in any form, including as a part of any software package.
  • You are not permitted to claim this plugin as your own.
  • You are not permitted to decompile/reverse engineer the plugin in any form.
  • You will not use the review section to report something that is not working or for feature requests.
  • You will not receive any refunds, and you will not file a chargeback or perform a similar action if the SpigotMC staff does not approve it.
  • We reserve the right to change these Terms at any time, and you agree to abide by the most recent version of this
  • The price can be changed at any point in time


Please do not use PlugMan to reload McDuels, This is not supported 

Citizens 2 is a requirement to use PvPBots

If you have any questions, please leave a message on my discord channel.