Get a custom IP address like
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Give your server a short, simple, easy-to-remember name
Protect against unwanted, random IP changes

Using you can give your server an easy-to-remember, simple IP address like or You can create your very own custom IP, and in just seconds, players will be able to connect using your new custom IP!

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The Plugin

Normally, when you use a service to give your server a custom name IP, your server will go down if your original IP changes! Most big server hosts guarantee that your IP won't change, but for others (including home hosting), IP changes are a real issue. They can happen for a range of reasons, including temporary power outages, and can sometimes even happen at random!

When an IP change happens, you lose players — players get kicked until you realize your IP changed and update your listing on server websites. Using, you can easily prevent players getting lost because of IP changes! Just install the MCGO plugin on your server, put in your server ID and server key, and you're done! The plugin will automatically detect if your computer's IP changes, and instantly update your custom IP, so you don't lose any players!

With the free version of MCGO, you get a custom IP, and will be notified when your IP changes. However, when you upgrade your account, your MCGO IP will automatically be updated if your server's underlying address changes!

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First, download the MCGO plugin, and drop the MCGO.jar file into your server's plugins folder, and run your server to get the default configuration file to generate. You'll get a bunch of warnings — don't worry! We'll be addressing those in just a little bit!

Next, if you haven't already, sign up for an MCGO account by visiting Then, after verifying your email address, go to your dashboard and create a new server.

After you do that, on your dashboard, click the "MCGO Integration Instructions" button at the bottom of your server. Copy and paste your user ID, server ID, and server secret into the config.yml at the MCGO plugin generated, and save the config file.

Re-start your server (or run /mcgo reload) , and you're done!


/mcgo ip — get your server's underlying address (this isn't your MCGO IP) — permission: mcgo.ip.get

/mcgo reload — reload the mcgo plugin — permission: mcgo.reload

/mcgo silence — silence IP change warnings from mcgo — permission: mcgo.silence

Any and all donations are appreciated! They help me bring updates to MCGO.


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