A Legendary Tale:
Long ago, in the celestial realms, there existed a singular and majestic tree. Its branches brushed the skies while its roots plunged into the darkest depths. It's said that the gods themselves planted it as a bridge between the celestial and mortal worlds, a symbol of balance and connection.

However, in a mysterious event, this transcendental tree found its way to the realm of mortals. Narratives diverge on how this happened - some say it came through a cosmic storm, others claim it was a divine gift, and there are even those who believe that an enigmatic being stole it from the realms of the gods.

The wood of this tree, unlike any other in the world, possesses magical properties. It doesn't burn in common fire, it's resistant to damage, and its essence emanates a unique energy. It's said that only those with a pure heart and noble intentions can wield this extraordinary wood, and even then, only with equally worthy tools.

Over time, in a mysterious manner, small trees, descendants of the original, began to sprout in the lands of mortals. Each one carried a spark of the ancestral tree's power, a lost link between the divine realms and the earthly world.

These legends span generations of mortals, echoing through time and across the borders of civilizations. Scholars, dreamers, and the brave all interpret the narrative according to their own beliefs, but one truth remains unshaken: the tree transcends the limitations of reality, standing as a bridge between the divine and the human, a living testament to a story that echoes beyond the ages.


Medieval Inventory for Your Server
Welcome to our latest addition to your Minecraft server! We proudly present the Medieval Inventory, a unique experience that will transform the way you interact with the game world.


Medieval Themed Texture:
Immerse yourself in the rich and authentic atmosphere of the medieval era with our set of 25 inventories inspired by medieval style. Each inventory has been carefully designed to reflect the unique aesthetics of the time, bringing the rustic and magical feel of wooden constructions to your game.


Vanilla inventories with a medieval touch:
Our themed inventories replace the game's default designs with detailed medieval woodwork. Whether it's storing your precious items, organizing your potions, inspecting your equipment or utilizing creative inventories, and many more, each screen is a work of art that immerses you in the medieval experience.


Custom Wooden Menu:
But that's not all! Complementing the experience, we've added a custom menu with a wooden texture. Now, you can access server settings and options with a medieval touch, making your gameplay even more immersive.


Authentic and Unique Experience:
Our team has dedicated itself to creating an inventory and menu that go beyond aesthetics - they enrich your journey in the Minecraft world. Every detail, from color choices to carved wood patterns, has been designed to transport you back to the medieval era.


ItemsAdder (Not included in the package) or Oraxen (Not included in the package).


In-Game Images:


Easy installation: 
The installation process is simple and straightforward, requiring minimal effort or complications:

a. ItemsAdder
Extract the contents of the .zip file into the Plugins/ItemsAdder folder. 
Start your server. Type "iazip" in the console.
In-game, type "/iatexture" and wait for the loading process.

b. Oraxen:
Extract the contents of the .zip file into the Plugins/Oraxen folder. 
Start your server. 
Configure the Oraxen plugin according to the provided instructions.


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Terms of Service: 
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2. Refunds: All purchases are non-refundable.

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4. Reselling and Sharing: Selling or sharing this product with others is strictly prohibited.

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