MineAlertsPro is a plugin created to help servers protect themself
from people using X-ray and other advantages in order to gain resources
a unfair way which is not the traditional way.

The plugin is constantly updated. If you have any suggestions for improvements on the plugin, please contact me!


Detect ANY material block break:
You can detect any material with the block break event. It can be logs,
blocks, ores, and anything as long as it's mineable and considered a "block".

Unlimited Detections:
There is no restriction when it comes to how many materials you want to detect!

Bypass Permission:
The plugin contains a bypass permission which allows you to bypass the logging.

You can toggle the mine alerts by using /alerts.

Alert GUI (Coming Soon)

Detections GUI (Coming soon)

Settings GUI (Coming Soon)

The plugin is created and tested in the latest minecraft version. Do not contact me if you cannot get it working without the latest version.

Plugin Created By: Xemu#2752​