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July 1.21 Update Jun 28, 2024

Via version Updated

Via Backwards Updated

Via Rewind Update

Now Support 1.21 client launchers

Some plugins updated

Som permissions updated

June Update 2 Jun 20, 2024


Via version Updated

Protocol Lib Updated

Via Backwards updated

Papi updated

some plugins removed and new plugins added


June Update 5.0 Jun 15, 2024

Gyzmo Updated
Some plugins updated
error with clients 1.20.6 fixed
some textures fixed
some bugs fixed
texture pack now works with clients 1.20.5 and 1.20.6

June Update Jun 11, 2024

Some permissions fixed

Some bugs fixed

Some plugins added

Some plugins updated

Now server works with pufferfish instead of paper

Setup optimized

June Update May 31, 2024


Via Version Plugin Updated

And error with textures fixed

An error with MYSQL fixed

TabList Plugin removed due a lot of errors

May Update 1.20.6 May 21, 2024

A bug with 1.20.6 fixed

new scoreboard added

new tab plugin

May Update 1.20.6 May 7, 2024
Unique Setups

Via version Updated

Via Backwards Updated

Via Rewind Updated

Now server support 1.20.6 Client

Some minor bugs fixed and some plugins updated

April Update 4.5 Apr 29, 2024
Unique Setups


Via version updated now playeable until 1.20.5

some plugins updated 

some permisions fixed

April Update 4.3 Apr 19, 2024
Unique Setups


Some configs with robery fixed

Some configs with jail fixed

police kits created now

April Update 4.2 Apr 15, 2024
Unique Setups


Texture Pack Fixed All the Purple Textures now fixed
Some configs added
Some configs optimized


June Update 4.1 Apr 3, 2024
Unique Setups


New features on the phone GUI
New places on the gps feature
Vehicles errors fixed
Vehicles remove from map bug fixed

June Update 4.0 Mar 31, 2024
Unique Setups


New Stores added

New clothes shop| works with skins

New kit paramedic

March 3.8 Update Mar 27, 2024
Unique Setups


New apartments on sale

New garage system

bugs fixed with vehicles

March 3.5 Update Mar 22, 2024
Unique Setups

? renting system with nice ui
new stores
more npcs
realistic villagers added to the server

Some bugs with jobs fixed

March Update 3.5 Mar 18, 2024
Unique Setups


Permissions fixed
New shops added to Heredia town

All the configs updated
Casino Prices Balanced
Jobs edited

Gameboy added totally functional with gameboy rooms
texture pack fixed

Unique Setups


Kit Police added

Police Permissions added

Wanted plugin now works with robery

Mines System Changed for optimization new mines plugin


Unique Setups


Some plugins get updated
Items Adder fuctions was fixed
Drugs plugin was replaced now you can grow and make your own laboratory
Drugs tools npc was added to richy hunt
Bank plugin replaced
Bugged textures on the map get fixed
Furniture Tokens can be purchased now each token is 1 furniture
3D Furniture Store added /warp AcaciaFurnitureStore
Area shop plugin fork updated to java 17

Now playable until 1.20.4

Plugins Updated

Protocol Lib Updated

Unique Setups

Some plugins updated and others remove it
All the setup was checked with MCAntiMalware
config and setup optimized

Unique Setups

New games added to the casino
Some bugged textures was fixed
Some errors on console get fixed
Some plugins get update

Unique Setups

Resourcepack HD now added with out errors

New phone system
New pay system added on phone

New firefigher system, Job soon.

Unique Setups



Now you can play with any version between 1.8.8 to 1.20.2

Items Adder Added

3D Furniture Added

Lottery Added

4.7 Sep 26, 2023
Unique Setups


Some plugins removed

LAG Optimizer added

Permissions fixed

Bank fixed

Daily rewards added

Phone fixed

Mines 3 4 5 access fixed

V4.6 Aug 10, 2023







v4.5 Aug 9, 2023



Now works with paper 1.19.4

Casino added

Black Market added

Jobs edited

Tutorial NPC added to jobs
Crypto Market added

Companies added

textures now works 1.12.2 to 1.20.1

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