Have you ever wished you could remotely access your server's admin console without having to setup a complex remote access system? Now you can with Minecraft-SSHD.

(Note: Other resource versions can be found on this GitHub page)

Minecraft-SSHD securely exposes your Spigot, BungeeCord, or Sponge admin console using the SSH protocol - the same protocol that serves as the secure foundation for nearly all remote server administration.

  • Compatible with all ssh clients, regardless of operating system.
  • Remotely view your server log in real-time.
  • Remotely issue commands from the server console, just as if you were on the server itself.
  • Supports multiple concurrent remote connections.
  • Strong identity support using public key authentication.
  • Audit history who is running commands in the console
  • Run Spigot without using screen or tmux (by adding -noconsole)
  • Remotely script your server by issuing one-off console commands with ssh.

Why should I use Minecraft-SSHD?

  • You are in a shared hosting environment that only gives you access to the log files.
  • You want to share access to your server console, but don't want to give anybody access to the machine its running on.
  • You always wanted to use RCON, but want to see the server log as well.
  • You are tired of running your server in a GNU screen or tmux session.
  • You just want to access your server console using SSH.

Note: By default, only public key authentication is enabled. This is the most secure authentication mode! Setting a username and password will make your server less secure.

Setting Up Public Key Authentication
Read this page

Plugin Usage


/mkpasswd <hash|help> <password>

mkpasswd supports the following hash algorithms:

  • bcrypt - Using the OpenBSD-style Blowfish password hash
  • sha256 - Using a basic salted sha256 hash
  • pbkdf2 - Using the PBKDF2 password hash
  • PLAIN - Using plain text passwords (very insecure)


sshd.mkpasswd - Checks if the in-game user has access to run the
mkpasswd command.

Minecraft-SSHD uses cryptographic certificates or a secure username and password to verify remote access.

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