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What is Minesite?

We help server administrators craft an online presence for their Minecraft servers. With Minesite, you can create forums, design custom pages, interact with your website from in-game, give your players unique perks for donating, and a whole lot more.

Forums for Free
Your server's forums are hosted right on your custom website, with all of your custom design.

Get more Players
When you create a website for your server, it's listed on all the major search engines, so more players can discover your server. We make sure everything on your website is in a format that search engines like!
Link with your Server
Download the Minesite plugin and let your players interact with your website from in-game!
And so much more!
Are you ready to create your dream website? Visit to get started! Wanna see what's possible with Minesite first? Check out a demo site at

Need an invite code? All Polymart users are invited to try out Minesite! Visit to get your unique invite code.

About the Plugin

All of the Minesite plugin commands are available with /minesite

/minesite link <website>
Link your website with the Minesite plugin
Permission: minesite.admin

/minesite unlink
Unlink your website with the Minesite plugin (not recommended)
Permission: minesite.admin

/minesite login
Used by your players to link their Minesite account with your server
Permission: minesite.login

/minesite logout
Used by your players to log out of their Minesite account 
Permission: minesite.login

/minesite badge <player> <badge> [give/remove]
Check if a player has a Minesite badge (like /minesite badge jojodmo admin) or give/remove a badge from a player (like /minesite badge jojodmo admin give)
Permission: minesite.badge 

/minesite mail [player] [message...]
Used by your players to check their Minesite chat inbox (like /minesite mail), or to check their Minesite chat conversation with a player (like /minesite mail jojodmo) or to send a Minesite chat message to a player (/minesite mail jojodmo Hello there, jojodmo!). All of these messages are also available on your website in the user's inbox!
Permission: minesite.mail

/minesite variable <get/set/delete> <site/<player>> <variable> [value...]
Get, set, or delete a site or player variable on your website.
For example, set the site variable "test_variable" to "test value" with /minesite variable set site test_variable test value
Get the variable named "favorite_color" on the player "notch" with /minesite variable get notch favorite_color
Permission: minesite.variable

Get Started with Minesite

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Plugin API

The Minesite plugin has both a Java and a Kotlin API! Get an instance of the Java API with

JavaPlugin plugin; // An instance of your plugin's Main class
MinesiteV1 minesite = Minesite.v1(plugin);

// Then, interact with Minesite!
MinesiteFuture<String> future = minesite.variables.getSiteVariableFuture("namespace", "variable_name");

Or, in Kotlin

val plugin: JavaPlugin // An instance of your plugin's Main class
val minesite: MinesiteV1Kotlin = Minesite.v1(plugin).kotlin

// Then, interact with Minesite!
val result: Result<String?> = minesite.variables.getSiteVariable("namespace", "variable_name")

Check out the plugin API reference on Minesite for more info