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Create your own mind blowing minigames in Minecraft
This plugin is meant for experienced server owners & developers that wish to get creative. Please read the wiki and look at the config examples before buying this plugin.

Why pick Minigame Maker?

Developed Since 2016
Out-Of-The-Box Functionality
No Dependencies
Database Support
Create Minigames In-Game!
UUID-Based Storage
Highly Customizable
Easy to Use

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Example Game Configs
Feel free to use these or turn them into your own minigames!

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⭐️ Custom Kits
Create any kit you want. Simply load the items on you and execute the command to save the kit once and for all.

⭐️ Command Variety
The plugin comes with commands that will let you interact with players, locations, distances, blocks, etc.

⭐️ Command Compatibility
Except the commands that are initially provided, any others will be evenly compatible and runnable.

⭐️ Location Saving
Permanently save and delete locations at any time, and in any world, through the use of a command.

⭐️ Optimized/Lightweight
The RAM is used smartly to cache the configuration, so the delays get as trivial as possible.

⭐️ Advanced Variables
Identify names, distances, ping, locations, players, teams, etc. You truly have infinite possibilities.

⭐️ Scoreboard Creation
Make custom and live scoreboards that will update every second, through the use of a command.

⭐️ Conditional Commands
Use the conditional commands with the available syntax to ensure commands run at the right moment.

⭐️ Dependency Free
The plugin works out of the box by requiring no dependencies. Processes are run via events and schedulers.

⭐️ Custom Timers
The plugin allows the use of with low-level timers such as ticks, so your minigame is more precise than ever.

⭐️ RAM Data
Easily save data such as logic values, numbers, decimals, and text. Your minigame will have a strong structure.

⭐️ Permanent Stats
Easily save and retrieve stats by both configuration and database through the use of a command.

⭐️ Database Support
The plugin supports MySQL databases to ensure stats are shared thru different networks and websites.

⭐️ Abilities
If events, timers, and data saving exist, then ability creation is possible. Don't be afraid to get creative with this plugin.

⭐️ Clickable Signs
Create prefix-configurable and joinable signs by starting the first line as [minigamemaker] and the second line with the minigame's name.

The original developer @Vagdedes is no longer maintaining this project. Special thanks to him for creating this plugin and community. @thecenters is the main developer going forward

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