This is a free plugin for experienced Minecraft server owners & developers that wish to get creative, we do not have the time to provide support due a busy schedule.

Compatible With Spartan AntiCheat
Minigame Maker
Consistently Developed Since 2016
Out-Of-The-Box Functionality
Simplified Configuration
UUID-Based Storage
Highly Customizable
Easy to Use

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Beautiful Inventory Menu
The plugin provides inventories to do the hard job for you by executing simple interactions.
Minigame Menu
Events Menu
Commands Menu
Command Description

Custom Kits
Create any kit you want. Simply load the items on you and execute the command to save the kit once and for all.

Command Variety
The plugin comes with commands that will let you interact with players, locations, distances, blocks, etc.
Basic Commands / Advanced Commands

Command Compatibility
Except the commands that are initially provided, any others will be evenly compatible and runnable.

Location Saving
Permanently save and delete locations at any time, and in any world, through the use of a command.

The RAM is used smartly to cache the configuration, so the delays get as trivial as possible.

Advanced Syntax
Identify names, distances, ping, locations, players, teams, etc. You truly have infinite possibilities.

Scoreboard Creation
Make custom and live scoreboards that will update every second, through the use of a command.

Conditional Commands
Use the conditional commands with the available syntax to ensure commands run at the right moment.

Dependency Free
The plugin works out of the box by requiring no dependencies. Processes are run via events and schedulers.

Custom Timers
The plugin allows the use of with low-level timers such as ticks, so your minigame is more precise than ever.

RAM Data
Easily save data such as logic values, numbers, decimals, and text. Your minigame will have a strong structure.

Permanent Stats
Easily save and retrieve stats by both configuration and database through the use of a command.

Database Support
The plugin supports MySQL databases to ensure stats are shared thru different networks and websites.

If events, timers, and data saving exist, then ability creation is possible. Don't be afraid to get creative with this plugin.

Clickable Signs
Create prefix-configurable and joinable signs by starting the first line as [minigamemaker] and the second line with the minigame's name.

PlaceholderAPI Compatible
Syntax #1: %mgm_stats_<stats>%
Example #1: %mgm_stats_score%
Syntax #2: %mgm_stats_<stats>_<databaseTable>%
Example #2: %mgm_stats_kills_kitpvp%
Syntax #3: %mgm_<public/private>_timer_<key>%
Example #3: %mgm_public_timer_Countdown%
Syntax #4: %mgm_<public/private>_data_<key>%
Example #4: %mgm_private_data_TimesJumped%[/FONT]

minigamemaker.admin gives you all permissions. allows you to use /mgm menu.
minigamemaker.create allows you to save information to the configuration by using commands.
minigamemaker.delete allows you to delete information from the configuration by using commands.
minigamemaker.configure allows you to configure the minigames via the inventory menu.
minigamemaker.reload allows you use /mgm reload/rl.
minigamemaker.view allows you to view information saved in the configuration by using commands.
minigamemaker.commands allows you to use the basic and advanced commands.
minigamemaker.ban allows you to use /mgm ban.
minigamemaker.unban allows you to use /mgm unban.

The configuration will allow you to change various settings, set the messages to your likings, connect your database and keep critical data such as minigame-join sign locations.
Configuration Files
Available Syntax
Study & Learn

Compatibility Information
This plugin is developed to run on Spigot, Bukkit, and Paper. Any other server types "may work" but are not officially supported. Additionally, the English keyboard is supported but other may be incompatible. All incompatibilities can cause functionality & support difficulties.

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