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The MinigamesAddons is a plugin that brings
Victory Dances, Kill Effects, Bow Trails, Death Cries, Auras,Shopkeeper Skins, Kill Messages
to your MiniGames server!
You can not only customize everything, but also create your own cosmetics easily!

This Plugin ONLY Support Spigot 1.8 - 1.12.2!

No ads, No spams, Just SUPPORT!
Please respect the dev and admins, or you will be banned.
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  • Victory Dances when you win a game!
  • The Dances can be run manually by COMMAND, but can also be run automatically if the minigame plugin is supported by MA.
  • Currently MA provides Wither Rider, Anvil Rain, Time Shift, Yee Haw, War Sheep, Floating Lanterns, Fireworks, Toy Stick, Cold Snap, Dragon Rider, Dare Devil.


  • Kill Effects when you kill a player!
  • Currently MA provides Heart Explosion, Firework, Lightning,Fire Dance,Tornado, Final Smash.


  • Bow Trails when you shoot arrows! Also Support Eggs,Fishing Rods and SnowBalls!
  • You can create your own trails! By default, MA gives 6 trails as example, the tutorial of creating own trail is below.


  • Death Cries will be played to you and your killer!
  • You can create your own trails! By default, MA gives 9 cries as example, the tutorial of creating own trail is below!


  • Auras will be played under your foot while you're walking!
  • You can create your own aura! By default, MA gives 5 auras as example, the tutorial of creating own aura is below!


  • Shopkeeper Skins of the shop NPC! Currently only support plugin BedWars1058.
  • This feature REQUIRES the latest Citizens2 plugin!
  • You can create your own skin! By default, MA gives 15 skins as example, the tutorial of creating own skin is below!


  • Kill Messages when you kill a player! Currently you can use it with plugin BedWars1058/MBedWars or directly.
  • You can create your own message! By default, MA gives 4 default messages as example, the tutorial of creating own message is below!


  • Bed Break Effects when you break other teams' bed! Currently you can use it with plugin MBedWars.


  • Intelligent GUI! MA provides a fully-customizable GUI system, which u can add unlimited items, do custom actions! You can even use custom skull/player's skull as an item! (See Below)
  • Many Famous Plugins Supported! MA will run the cosmetics automatically for the following plugins:
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  • Storage Through MySQL or YML Files!
  • Customizable funny Sounds!
  • PlaceholderAPI Support!
  • Fully configurable!
  • Economy System! You can set the cosmetic can be purchased or not, and set their price!


I believe you cannot wait to create your own cosmetics!
Now please follow the instructions below to create one!
If you meet any problem, don't foget to join our discord to get support!

  Create Custom Shopkeeper Skin

  Create Custom Auras

  Create Custom Bow Trails

  Create Custom Death Cries

  Create Custom Kill Messages

MA has provided a fully-functional and fully-customizable GUI system, you can add unlimited items to a GUI, now follow the guide below to customize your menu!

Please Read The Guides Step By Step!

  STEP 1 - Global Variables

  "STEP 2 - Using Custom Skull or Player's Skull"

  STEP 3 - Action of an item

  STEP 4 - MenuItem of Cosmetics

  STEP 5 - Custom Items in every menu

MA will automatically detect whether you have Vault installed or not, if yes, it will use Vault as economy, if not, it will use a custom economy system. Which means you can use it with Vault or not.

Please Read The Following Guides Step By Step!

  STEP 1 - Set Permission Command

  STEP 2 - Manage Player Economy



If you think it's a good work and want to support us, feel free to donate us! You will get the source code of the plugin, and a DONOR role in the discord and receive

Thanks @zasami for donating 25$ 22x22

  • You Can NOT reupload the plugin without permissions!
  • You Can NOT DECOMPILE the plugin!
  • Codes all by the author himself!
  • Please contact the author if you are in trouble!
  • Don't leave errors in reviews section! Thank You!
  • Don't give suggestions in reviews section! Use Discord!
Hope You Will Love This Plugin!
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