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               MINING SIMULATOR V3                              


  • Normal Mine - It is the main area where players can explore and mine mineral resources such as stone, coal, iron, gold, diamonds, etc., to later exchange them for in-game currency.


  • Shop (Kits + Enchantments) - Here, players can purchase kits and enchantments using in-game currency. Kits can contain tools or special items useful for mining, and enchantments can enhance players' tools.
  • Grenades + Dash + Keys + Magnet, and more.
  • 3D Armors.
  • 3D Weapons.


  • Bank (Bitcoins) - It is a place where players can manage their "Bitcoins" by either selling them or buying more Bitcoins to purchase exclusive kits and items.
  • Plots - These are designated areas for players to build and customize their own structures and bases.


  • VIP Mine - A special area where you have access to private furnaces and mineral blocks.


  • Arena Mob - An area where players can fight against enemies or monsters that can be activated with the middle lever.





A mini-game where players must aim and shoot at targets to earn rewards or prizes from the crates.



 A mini-game where players must avoid falling into TNT blocks that deactivate as they run on an elevated platform. There are three different TNT platforms. 

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The Glass Bridge game challenges players to cross a platform made up of disappearing glass blocks. The objective is to reach the end of the bridge before the other players. Each player has three lives and must avoid falling into the abyss.




  • Roulette (Mineral Rain + Random Prizes) - An event where a roulette is activated, offering different prizes such as mineral rain or random rewards.


  • The Purge - An event where all players participate in a battle against each other, either in teams or individually. During this event, all players can lose their belongings if they die.


  • Character Size Change - An event or feature that allows you to modify the size of your character within the game.

Note: All events are activated in the map settings (Lobby). 

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