From the creator of MMOItems, MMOCore and the rest of the MMO suite, MMOEconomy is a feature rich and extremely versatile economy plugin.  From a full fledged physical economy system to shops by passing through selling / identification / repairing / gem sockets and transmogrification station, MMOEco will probably meet all of your needs. Powered by a unique formula and price system an in depth control of every aspect controlling the price of items in any station. Finally, MMOEconomy modularity enables you to use only the aspects you want to have in your server and integrate with supported plugins such as MMOItems, Oraxen, ItemsAdder as well as some economy plugins.

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This plugin is not being actively maintained. We intend to resume development of MMOEconomy later but cannot provide any ETA.



Every aspect of MMOEconomy can be seamlessely enabled/disabled to fit any of your needs. Moreover MMOEco integrates with every Vault economy plugin, Player Points as well as TokenManager. It is even possible to mix all of those different economy systems at  the same time, by having different economy syste for each station. 
MMOEco is also extremly well integrated with item plugins such as MMOItems, Oraxen and ItemsAdder. With the possibility to include the value of any nbt tag in the price of any item you can also very easily integrate MMOEco to any custom item. Last but  not least you can also benefit from full support of MMOProfiles


Physical Currencies

MMOEco enables you to use fully customizable physical currency. Make any item you want a currency item and  benefit from features such as toggleable automatic change, trading stations, seamless integration with Vault and granular control of which station uses physical currencies. 

  Physical Currency Trading


Ground Breaking Price System

At the core of this plugin lies the most powerful pricing system any spigot plugin has ever seen, any formulas or ways to assign a price to an item will be at the end of your fingertips. With the support of over 20 unique item placeholders, Placeholder API, a complete parsing system, the support of all mathemtical expressions as well as randomness you can truly build anything you could imagine of. Moreover, all the formulas can refer to others and can be refined under any conditions. 
This automatic price assignement enables you to support every possible item with a few formulas.

Selling & Repairing Stations

As their name suggests these stations enable you to sell or repair items.  Like every other station in MMOEconomy you can also run any MythicLib script you on any GUI interaction, have a granular control of the economy used, give any condition you want to use the station and customize completely its UI. 

  Repairing Station
  Selling Station


Shop system
Powered by our pricing system, making shops as never been so easy. Also benefit from a complete and fully customizable category sytem to enable users to navigate seamlessely between item categories. Shops can also be used as trading station enabling you to exchange physical economy currency or act as a bridge between the physical currencies and another economy system. The shop UI also benefits from Sorting, Filtering and Sort Item.

  Category System
  Fully Customizable Sorting System


Transmogrification Station

Transmogrification station enables you to handle item skins like never before. Use the skin retrieving station or admin commands to give certain skin to a player. Finally, the skin application station coupled with the power of the pricing/condition system enables you to determine exactly which skin can be applied on which item. 


  Transmog Apply
  Transmog Retrieve

MMOItems Specific Station

With a particular focus towards MMOItems, MMOEconomy enables you to use the Identifcation station to reveal the true nature of unidentified items. You can also use the gem sockets station to add gem sockets of any color to your MMOItem enabling a fine grained control of the colors that can be chosen for a given station/item. Keep in mind that these stations require MMOItems to work.

  Identification Station
  Gem Sockets Station