A clean and minimalist HUD with MMORPG elements, made to work with MMOCore!


  • Optimized space - Optimized for lisibility and saving as much space as possible on screen!
  • Dynamic health bar - Changes color and appearance depending on the player's active effect! All effects can be displayed at once, making your healthbar fully unique depending on the situation!
    • Poison
    • Wither
    • Burning
    • Freezing
    • Absorption
    • Regeneration...
  • MMORPG Stats display - a small window to dynamically display all your MMORPG Stats!
    • You can easily modify the config to change what stats you want displayed on it!  
    • By default shows Damage, Defense, Arrows ammount, Movement Speed, Critical strike chance, and Vanilla level
  • A custom configuration menu to give your players even more option
    • Toggle stats display: self explanatory!
    • Currency formatting: Choose if you prefer to display your whole money or a short formatted version! The size of the frame automatically adapt to how rich your player are!
    • Alternate food icon: Feeling like not eating meat? Trade the chicken drumstick for some bread!
  • A bunch of extra icons you can use You prefer a drop-shaped mana icon? Sure! You want to change what stats to display? Here's some icons you can use for that!
  • 2 versions available, including one made for Vanilla user who would like to use the HUD despite not using any MMORPG features on their server!




Please join my support discord server if you need any help, or if you have any suggestions related to this product!

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This is a digital product, no refund possible!