This plugin allows a player to place a MobSpawner of a specific type by right-clicking a block with a special MonserEgg.  (normal MonsterEggs will just spawn mobs)

If you have "mobspawneregg.recover" permission node, you can dig a mob spawner with a silk touch pickaxe and recover the mob spawner in the form of a MobSpawnerEgg.

You can also recover/remove a MobSpawner by right-clicking it with a special "NULL" MonsterEgg.  The right-clicking on the spawner will remove the spawner and turn your "NULL" MonsterEgg back into a special MobSpawnerEgg.

Video Demo:


  • /msegg | /msegg help : displays the help menu
  • /msegg reload : reloads the configuration file.
  • /msegg give <player> <type> <amount> : gives <player> <amount> of MobSpawnerEggs of type <type>.

Permission Node:

  • : allows you to place the MobSpawnerEgg create a MobSpawner.
  • mobspawneregg.recover : allows you to use a "NULL" MobSpawnerEgg to retrieve the MobSpawner.  If you have a silk touch pickaxe, dining a mob spawner will give you a MobSpawner egg.
  • mobspawneregg.nosilk : if a player has this permission, s/he does not need to have SilkTouch enchantmet on a tool to recover a spawner.

You just install MobSpawnerEgg.jar into "plugins" folder.