5 New Armors with differents themes

All armors have Emissive Parts in both plugins

Drag and drop installation files for oraxen and itemsadder


Oraxen Installation Steps

1- you need to put the folder called "jeancrafteo" in the "textures folder of your oraxen plugin folder, it should be like that: " Oraxen/pack/textures/jeancrafteo/goldenarmor " in order for the pack to work

2- Copy the file "armors.yml" in this folder in the next route inside your plugins folders. "Oraxen/items"
IN CASE THAT YOU HAVE ALREADY ANOTHER ARMORS just copy the content of the "armors.yml" inside the file with the same name
that is in your folders, save and reload all.

Itemsadder Installation Steps

For install just drag and drop the content inside the folder called "itemsadder" in the download file, yours Itemsadder plugin folder