Morebosses adds many more types of bosses, items, armor, and rewards to your game.
These bosses are designed so that the only bosses in the game are not purely end game, but to work their way up in strength and difficulty from beginning to end with custom items, armor, rewards, and enchantments.
Please make sure to visit the Morebosses Wiki to get a more in-depth look at everything the plugin has to offer, such as each item, enchantment, and boss that is added!

Morebosses Wiki


Uses JavaSE-1.7
◆ 2 Raids - 2 Arenas (Completely Customizable)
◆ 14 Bosses
◆ 10 Items
◆ 5 Enchantments
◆ Configurations for Bosses & Enchantments


Most of the bosses added have a random chance to spawn in place of a regular mob of its type.
Not only are the bosses stronger, faster, and deadlier than their regular types, they may also spawn with weapons, armor, minions, and special titles which effect their stats.
These titles may either benefit the boss or their attacker such as making them weaker or stronger.

✦ Items ✦

One of the main items added in are Spoil Books,
These books are dropped from bosses when slayed. When opened, these reward the player with either regular items and minerals such as iron, coal, diamond, armor, or they may drop special items, armor and tools with special enchantments, or just plain enchantment books.

✦ Enchantments ✦

Morebosses adds several unique and different enchantments for the players to use such as Lifesteal, Ember, Replenish, and others.
These enchantments are all obtainable through opening Spoil Books dropped from the bosses.

✦ Raids ✦

Raids are large boss fights meant for multiple players, with each raid boss having their own arena.
The Players must complete the raid within 30 minutes or they will suddenly die.
Raid Arena changes are not automatically saved and reset when restarting the server, to save any changes made to an arena use the command "/barena save <Arena Name>",
and make sure to edit the Raid configuration if needed to input the new spawn locations for minions and the boss.
Players are teleported to the arenas world spawnpoint



✦ Plans ✦

◆ Focus on, and create more Raids.
◆ More Armor sets + Recipes
◆ Custom Weapons + Recipes
◆ More Configuration for individual bosses
◆ Custom Wandering Traders / Villager Trades
◆ Custom Boss drop tables
◆ Custom Bosses (Possibly)