French Plugin !!!

This Plugin is a French UHC plugin on the theme of the famous manga My Hero Academia

This plugin does not need any dependencies to work.

This plugin is inspired by game modes on servers like GoldenUHC or UHC World.

The parts are 100% easily customizable thanks to a menu.
You can configure bordure, pvp, nether, default inventory, Rules, Drop rate, Mineral limit, Death Inventory, Potion Limit, day/night Cycle.

After that you can invite players and start the game. Once the game starts, all players will be teleported to a random location.


- Beta Zombie
- Blood Diamond
- Cat Eyes
- Cut Clean
- Doubles ores
- Fast Smelting
- Hastey Babies
- Hastey Boys
- Horse Less
- No Clean Up
- No Fall
- No Food
- No Name Tag
- Safe Caving
- Safe Miner
- Timber
- Unbreakable
- Vein Miner
- XP Boost

Automatic Generation



Custom Ressource Pack


My Hero Academia Config


UHC Rules


Main Host Config Setup


Scénarios Configuration



How many roles are there?

There are over 40 roles in total

How to get support?

You can contact me in the "Discussion" part

What resources are needed to run a server?

Not much, a free server can be enough

How to install?

You just need to put the plugins in your plugins folder of your minecraft paper, spigot or bukkit 1.8.8 server

Will there be a wiki?

Yes, Go to wiki

Can I be refunded?

All payments are final and non-refundable. Any attempt to refund or open a PayPal dispute will result in a permanent and irreversible blacklist from all my services