This plugin allows a player to easily tame tameable animals (horse, ocelot, wolf) as well as teleport any mobs (both friendly and hostile) to you with simple tagging and command.

Rather than try to tame a horse/ocelot/wolf with food, you can simply click them for instant tame!

If you wish to take any animals/villagers/hostile mobs to your base, you can simply click-tag them and teleport them to you!

If you have various region protection plugins such as:

  • WorldGuard
  • Multiverse-Core
  • Factions
  • PreciousStones
  • Plotz
  • PlotMe
  • Plotsquared

This plugin will honour the protection setting of these plugins so that other players will not teleport your mobs away nor kill them!


  • /mymob | /mymob help : displays the help menu
  • /mymob tame : left click to tame horse/ocelot/wolf.
  • /mymob untame : left click to un-tame animals.
  • /mymob tptag : left click to tag a mob for /mymob tphere .
  • /mymob tpuntag : left click to un-tag a mob.
  • /mymob tphere : teleports a tp-tagged mob to you.
  • /mymob check : finds out who owns this animal.
  • /mymob reload : reloads the configuration file.

Permission Node:

  • mymob.admin: bypasses any MyMob restrictions.
  • mymob.reload: allows you to reload the config file.
  • allows you to use /mymob [tptag | untag | tphere] commands
  • mymob.tame: allows you to use /mymob [tame | untame | check] command
  • mymob.mobegg : allows you to use mob eggs.
  • : xxxx should be replaced by the name of mob such as wolf, ocelot, villager, etc.

Test Server: 

  • (currently whitelisted)

You just need to install MyMob.jar in the plugins folder.