Require Java 17!
This is an unoffical libreforge addon plugin.
Because libreforge always change it's API, so if you are getting NoSuchMethod Error in console, you should downgrade your eco-style plugins version if it is latest. If you are using old eco-style version and also getting this error, consider downgrade MythicLibreforge version to 1.3.1 (or 1.3.0 / 1.1.6 if still get error).
  • This plugin is a addon plugin for libreforge.
  • Add more effects, triggers, filters, conditions and even effect args to libreforge same as the original one did! No other things changed.
  • Your deals? Your ideals will become true. We are happy to add more things for this plugin.
  • Effect: auto_plant
  • Effect: cast_mythic_skill (Require MythicMobs)
  • Effect: add_mmo_stat (Require MythicLib)
  • Effect: open_enchanting
  • Effect: open_anvil (Require Paper)
  • Effect: open_disposal
  • Effect: quick_equip
  • Effect: apply_reforge (Require Reforges)
  • Trigger: highest_attack (Private use, not recommend use it)
  • Trigger: smelt_result (Different smelt triggier provided by libreforge itself, MythicLibreforge's smelt_result is triggered after player pickup the result item, so player won't have to always open furance GUI)
  • Filter: only_on_fire
  • Filter: at_location
  • Filter: is_crit
  • Filter: has_enchantment
  • Condition: in_combat
  • Effect Arg: damage_item
Which plugins can be used:
  • EcoEnchants
  • EcoJobs
  • EcoSkills
  • EcoPets
  • EcoMenus
  • EcoQuests
  • EcoBosses
  • EcoArmor
  • Boosters
  • Talimans
  • Reforges
  • Actions
  • StatTracks
  • EcoShop