Require Java 17!
Different from Free version and Full version
  • Free version can create up to 3 3D-Totem, full version can create unlimited amount of 3D-Totem.
  • Both free version and full version can create unlimited 2D-Totem.
  • Full version can use price system, which means player can pay money or consume totem key to active totem.
  • Full version can use entity as totem layout, like ender crystal and ItemsAdder's furniture.
  • Full version can use mobs_near condition.
  • MythicTotem is a Spigot plugin for custom BOSS totem summoning.
  • No need to "click" on a specific block in the totem to activate it; it offers an experience similar to wither-style placement in the vanilla game.
  • 3D totem support.
  • Supports both vertical and horizontal placement of totems.
  • The player detection process is seamless and can be configured with adjustable intervals.
  • Totem size and layouts are unrestricted, breaking free from the traditional limitations like 1x3 or 3x3 found in similar plugins.
  • Built-in action and condition systems.
  • Easy-to-use totem configuration.
  • Support BlockPlaceEvent, PlayerInteractEvent, BlockRedstoneEvent, PlayerDropItemEvent, EntityPlaceEvent as trigger.
  • Compatible with blocks from ItemsAdder and Oraxen.
  • Support entities like ender crystal, ItemsAdder's furniture and so on in totems! (Premium version only)
  • Support custom price for totem and make custom totem key. (Premium version only)
  • Hook into PlaceholderAPI.
How to use?