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2.15.4 5 days ago


  • Removed Could not find uuid in the database! message when new player joins
  • Added support for Party and Friends to the velocity version of NetworkManager
  • Removed Simple-Yaml.
  • Some database changes regarding tags.
  • Some minor code cleanup

2.15.3 May 24, 2024


  • Fixed sql error during clean install.
  • Show client version in about command.
  • Added name property to filter and commandblocker.
  • Updated a few dependencies.
  • Little bit of code cleanup

2.15.2 May 15, 2024

This is a reupload. I accidently uploaded the Velocity jar instead of the BungeeCord jar.


  • Added some new placeholders for lang_helpop_alert for real this time!
  • Fixed slashserver module not working without servermanager module
  • Should fix LoginListener took xxxms to process event PlayerDisconnectEvent
  • Added support for maxmind geo country database. Set the license key in `setting_maxmind_license_key` to use it.

2.15.1 Apr 23, 2024


  • Fixed BungeeCord and Spigot builds requiring Java 17. The new minimum java requirement for BungeeCord and Spigot is now Java 11.
  • Nickname command now prefers the minimessage format but legacy still works. Permissions have also been expanded, see wiki!
  • Fix permission wildcard usage could limit nicknames to 64 characters instead of 192
  • NOTE: After the previous update the `use-ipinfo: true` and/or `disablePermissions: true` setting might have been removed from the settings.yml. If you were using this setting add it back.
  • Improved slashserver module. When a server gets registered during runtime the command will be registered without restart or delay and vice versa.
  • Added some new placeholders for lang_helpop_alert.

2.15.0 Apr 20, 2024
Before updating please take a backup of the networkmanager database because this version contains some database changes. If you don't do this there is no way to downgrade or recover if something happens during the update.

Also, if you use the DiscordBot or AutoBan extensions you must update those extensions if you want to use this version!

  • Added /announcementsmanager start and /announcementsmanager stop
  • Motd's can now expire
  • Fixed tabcomplete for server argument in lockdown command
  • Added lang_unknown and lang_global.
  • ServerStatusChangeEvent is now an async event.
  • Added new Balance Method. PROGRESSIVE_LOWEST.
  • Deprecated Player#disconnect with string parameter.
  • Added maintenance mode option to motd, so you can have multiple motd's in maintenance mode as well.
  • Added MaintenanceModeToggleEvent to the api.
  • Added lang_command_invalid_argument, lang_command_argument_failure_player message, lang_command_argument_failure_pre_punishment and some more.
  • Players with the punish command can no longer punish players with the punishment exempt permission.
  • Made prefix and suffix column character limit 256
  • Added highest_group_rank placeholder
  • The subscribe method in EventBus class now returns EventSubscription (This breaks java plugins and extensions using this method)
  • Recognize the 1.20.5 client.
  • Fixed custom version of motd not working on velocity.

2.14.10 Apr 3, 2024
  • Fixed some sql errors that could occur when using MariaDB.
  • Fixed maintenance mode not working when using MariaDB.
  • Handle bulk language message updating different for mysql to fix errors.
  • Use message with replacements applied when checking for swear words.
  • Added ChatLock functions to ChatManager class
  • Added ClearChatEvent (doesn't work with RedisBungee at the moment)
  • Fixed error about missing permission table on start in some cases.
  • Added new lang_chatlock_locked_server and lang_chatlock_unlocked_server message
  • Changed luckperms context servergroup to server-group
  • Updated Clearchat command to have the same command structure as chatlock. Meaning /clearchat will clear the chat on all servers and /clearchat \<server> will clear the chat on the defined server.

2.14.9 Mar 13, 2024
  • Fixed playtime top next and previous buttons not working when changing playtime command
  • Improved database code and updated MariaDB driver to 3.3.3 allowing which has java 21 support.
  • Minor improvements to the playtime command
  • Playtime top rows should be displayed in senders language now.
  • Added support for placeholders from MiniPlaceholders in NetworkManager on Velocity and Paper.
  • Updated lang_target_invalid and lang_target_offline to minimessage format. Be aware that this will reset these messages for all your languages.
  • Removed legacy placeholder support from msg and reply messages.
  • Fixed no no-permission message showing for playtime argument commands
  • Added <sender_server_name> and <receiver_server_name> tag to show servername instead of display name
  • Added premiumvanish_serverplayercount placeholder
  • Allow testing minimessage as yourself, someone else or null sender in the test minimessage command.
  • Added Player#ping to the API.
  • Added database type and version in /nm about command
  • Fixed permission group clone command not working
  • Should fix error when using punishgui on online player.

2.14.8 Feb 26, 2024

Before updating please take a backup of the networkmanager database because this version contains some database changes. If you don't do this there is no way to downgrade or recover if something happens during the update.


  • Changed nickname arguments to quoted to work around restricted arguments by mojang on platforms that use brigadier.
  • Parse announcement message when sending it to sender.
  • Moved ignored players data of players to separate table. Because of this make a backup of the database before updating!
  • Fixed nmp verbose command not working on velocity.
  • You can now click on the permission in the verbose output to copy the permission to your clipboard.
  • Should fix /glist command not working on bungee
  • Fixed /kick actually performing a gkick
  • Fixed player not moving to fallback server on server kick or server ban
  • Fixed tab complete on nm and nmp commands not always working
  • Added setting to change helpop command name and aliases

2.14.7 Jan 19, 2024


  • Added --broadcast flag to sendmessage command. This will send the message to all players that are currently connected to the server of the defined player.
  • Added CachedPlayers#getPlayersByServer method.
  • Made checks for temporary punishments more reliable.
  • Bump kotlin to 1.9.22.
  • Bumped adventure to 4.3.2
  • Fixed \<pluginprefix> not working in lang_msg_yourself message.
  • Added getLanguages() to CachedLanguages
  • Added UltraPunishments Importer (untested)
  • Hacky way to allow @ in placeholder tags. Example <players--at--lobby> eq players@lobby
  • You can now disable individual filters. (Option to toggle will be added to the new web interface soon)
  • You can now disable individual commandblockers. (Option to toggle will be added to the new web interface soon)
  • A lot of code improvements

2.14.6 Dec 19, 2023
  • Added 1.20.4 support for mainly the servermanager module.
  • The lockdown list command is finally a decent looking command.
  • Fixed error that can occur when placeholderapi is not installed.
  • Removed a debug message when using redis.
  • Added PremiumVanish support to maxplayers module on velocity.
  • Improved the quality of the code in some areas.
  • Bumped adventure to 4.15.0

2.14.5 Dec 5, 2023
  • Removed support for raw json messages.
  • Fixed playtime not being updated and fixed punishments not working on velocity
  • Fixed punishments not being saved and other things that use future not working on velocity.
  • Improved kick on login when maintenance mode is enabled.
  • Don't save session and player data on disconnect when login is denied on velocity.
  • Cache servergroups to redis on velocity.
  • Don't cache login data but insert it directly on login.
  • Added remember_token to nm_accounts tables. (For remember function of new panel)
  • Removed extra > from Expired in banlist command.
  • Added PremiumVanish support to Velocity module (Requires PremiumVanish 2.9.4, will cause errors with a older version).
  • Send reason if server connection is unsuccessful when using slashserver command on velocity.
  • Improved debug method in NMExtension class.
  • Added 1.20.3 support.

2.14.4 Oct 19, 2023


  • Added foreign key for relation between nm_language_messages and nm_languages
  • Added lang_reports_already_closed message.
  • Improved report close command.

2.14.3 Sep 21, 2023


  • Fixed a caps issue with 1.19+ clients
  • Added 1.20.2 support
  • Fixed some minor bugs with the sendmessage command
  • Added debug message on ping
  • Added <servername> tag for report alert

2.14.2 Sep 9, 2023


- Fix nickname off commands
- Improved performance for banlist command.
- Allow placeholders to be used in hover and click events in reports_list message.
- Improved performance for ticket list command.
- Improved performance for warnings command.
- Removed lots of unused code.
- Fixed update inventory title errors on 1.20
- Added /nm sendmessage command.
- Don't require player as sender type for playtime commands with arguments.
- Fixed playtime top page argument not working.

2.14.1 Aug 5, 2023

- Added clearTitle method to the Player class
- Send staff notifications to console
- Fixed issue with displaynames on filter alerts

2.14.0 Jul 26, 2023

- Added SendAnnouncementEvent for automatic announcements.
- Changed displayName in Player class to a Component.
- Fixed error that could occur when listing accounts.
- Create a more detailed exception when player is not loaded in cache when executing command.
- Parse mapped punishment placeholders to tag resolver (To allow them to be used in hover and click events)
- Fixed wrong ip addresses showing up in the Most used Virtual hosts list when using Velocity
- Minor optimization in test language command.
- Should fix nickname command on Velocity.
- Allow msg and reply placeholders in click and hover events of msg and reply messages.
- Added more luckperms placeholders like primary_group_name.
- Added page argument to chatlock list command.
- Updated Kotlin to 1.9.0.
- In some cases PartyLeaveEvent was not being triggered.
- Fixed wrong placeholders in default reply messages
- Added support for servermanager in the announce command suggestions
- Fixed error on spigot when announcement command was being executed.
- Fixed player loading when using redis bungee.
- Fixed error when using msg while redis bungee is enabled.

2.13.9 Jun 23, 2023
- Updated kotlin to 1.8.22
- Updated Jedis to 4.4.3
- Added setbalancemethod command for servergroups.
- Fixed &f being shown in text of show groups command.
- Better logging for extensions and added a debug method.
- lang_reports_login no longer supports legacy placeholders. Use <displayname> and <count> instead.
- Should fix issues with loading motd icons from imgur.
- Fixed issue with prefix and suffix placeholders from luckperms.
- Fixed velocity builds not working without RedisBungee.
- Added support for the servermanager module to the clearchat command.
- Fixed incompatability with Geyser on Velocity.
- Added connect method to player for servergroup.
- Fixed lockdown reason in lockdown_kick message on velocity.
- Fixed java.util.NoSuchElementException: List is empty on ServerPreConnectEvent on Velocity.
- Added ServerConnectedEvent to the api.

2.13.8 Jun 10, 2023
v2.13.8 (re-upload)

- Only send web notification when punishment is active.
- Fixed message when maintenance mode is already enabled or disabled.
- 1.20 client support
- Added server group balance method in the info command
- Update adventure to 4.14.0

2.13.7 Jun 6, 2023
Nothing special mostly bug fixes

- Test database command now return message in green color if database connection is fine.
- Return message in green color if database connection is fine.
- Improved language import command
- Check if player is online before trying to send message, actionbar or title.
- Removed language update command.
- Fixed and improved nm test messaging command.
- Improved the extensions list command.
- Don't try to close redis connection if it is already closed.
- Bump Jedis version to 4.4.1.
- Fixed default ticket notify message.
- Added support for RedisBungee 0.11.2 (Older versions are not supported)
- Added support for servergroups to the punishment system.
- Added RedisBungee support for the velocity builds.
- Support latest RedisBungee.
- Added networkmanager.servers.bypass.version permission to bypass version check.
- Register msgtoggle command on spigot based servers too. (Useful for toggling msg with "gui" plugins)
- Lots of code quality improvements.
- Should fix analytics not being correct when using RedisBungee

2.13.6 May 9, 2023
Improvements and fixes

This update contains changes to the database. Creating a backup of the database is highly recommended!

- Updated AdminChat, StaffChat and Punishment messages to be fully minimessage. (These will reset to their default value after installing this update!)
- Don't load unnecessary caffeine dependencies. (Improved dependency loading times)
- Allow world and server arguments in clearperms command
- Improved groups permission command and added optional ladder argument.
- Fixed redis issue when password is empty.
- Fixed database setting not working correctly.
- Updated lang_maintenancemode_status and lang_maintenancemode_already_set which makes the status translatable as well. (These will reset to their default value after installing this update!)
- Couple of code improvements

2.13.5 Apr 26, 2023

- Fixed ticket create command.
- Fixed all commands not working after last update (velocity)
- Fixed commandblocker not working on velocity
- Added servermode to the about command output
- Fixed playtime top header
- Fixed commandblocker not working with servergroups correctly
- Removed quite some legacy colorcoding stuff internally.

2.13.4 Apr 6, 2023
Bug fixes

- Set nickname column length to 192 by default
- Fixed error when banned player tries to join (velocity)
- Fixed error when checking for new punishments (velocity)
- Fixed user suffix tabcomplete in permission command
- Fixed no permission message not using the translation for a lot of commands.
- Bump joda-time to 2.12.5
- Fixed commandblocker not working (Velocity)
- Fixed some filter issues on velocity with 1.19+ clients.
- Allow mo (short for month) as a timeunit in permission commands.
- Sync tags on tag delete
- Fixed reported errors from the discord server

2.13.3 Mar 31, 2023
Bug fixes and new features
- Update adventure to 4.13.0
- Fixed multiple hex colors not being formatted (again)
- Fixed some placeholders not being parsed within click actions
- Formatted some console messages.
- Fixed a few testing command causing errors when used further without arguments
- Allow placeholder in placeholder by using brackets.
- Added /party list command.
- Fixed has_groups_on_ladder_ placeholder.
- Fixed default lang_joinbanned_alert.
- Removed debug message from punishment system
- Added player settings placeholders player_toggle_<msg,socialspy,commandspy,staffchat,adminchat>
- Fixed LiteBans compatability within the DiscordBot extension.
- Removed <username> usage in default messages. You should use <displayname> instead.
- Added lang_maintenancemode_join_notify message.
- Added networkmanager.nickname.length.<length> permission. This allows you to define the max lenght of the nickname using permissions.
- Added support for placeholderapi placeholders that return messages formatted using minimessage.
- PlaceholderAPI placeholders now require the papi: prefix. PlaceholderAPI placeholders like: <papi_placeholder> will no longer work! Use them like <papi:papi_placeholder>
- Allow multiple values by separating the value by a comma in placeholder conditions. (Click here for more information)

2.13.2 Mar 14, 2023
1.19.4 support

- Added 1.19.4 support (recognize the 1.19.4 client if players use them)
- Fixed party messages not being added from 2.13.0.
- Fixed multiple hex colors not working in nickname command.
- Fixed server placeholder for default lang_helpop_alert message.
- Updated lang_report_alert message to make use of minimessage (This message will reset after updating!)

2.13.1 Mar 13, 2023


- Fixed extensions no longer loading

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