This addon requires Ultimate Clans 5.2.0+


Addon of: ⚔ Ultimate Clans V5 ⚔ | Modular, Single or Bungeecord Clans.

Land addon with protection via the clan's Nexus. The clan needs to have a flag set to start creating the nexus. Choosing a location and placing the flag on the ground will create the land with the Nexus in the center, but if the clan's nexus is destroyed the land loses protection until the Nexus is regenerated, after which time the Nexus goes into shield protection.
Once the nexus is destroyed the land becomes vinerable and can be repossessed or destroyed so the clan needs to defend its land.

This addon must be installed in the folder "/plugins/UltimateClans/addons/"


/clan nexus - Opens the nexus menu.

Administrator commands:

/clannexus help - Show help menu.
/clannexus reload - Reload settings.
/clannexus delete <tag> - Delete a Clan Nexus.
/clannexus deleteall - Delete all Clan Nexus.


⚔ Ultimate Clans V5 ⚔ | Modular, Single or Bungeecord Clans. - Required!

BannerManager Addon - Required!
WorldGuard - Optional
PlaceholderAPI - Optional
dynmap - Optional