Completed in 5 hours
  • Plug and play! No setup requred
  • Works with all blocks and items vanilla or modded.
  • Works in vanilla Minecraft! No need to install resource heavy mod loaders!
  • Built with server performance in mind. No need to sacrifice performance.

What does this pack do?

This multiplayer datapack will sync all player inventories. For example if one player obtains diamonds all players will obtain diamonds. If one player dies all players loose their items. If one player is using a tool that tool will wear out for all players.


NOTE: This will only sync player inventories that are in survival!


How to use?

This is a plug and play datapack, no setup needed. Just install the datapack (Instructions below) and play. Yes its that simple!


Need Help?

Having issues with this datapack? Found a bug? Join my Discord Server. (See widget on the right)


How to install datapacks:
You can find step-by-step instructions (with screenshots) on how to install datapacks on new or already created worlds via my website