MONSTER6364 Jan 31, 2024
Version 1.168.0
Better than ItemsAdder If you understand everything when dealing with plugins, Oraxen is the best. It is just not known as a community.
Syntrox Apr 24, 2024
Version 1.173.0
Kornichon Nov 14, 2023
Version 1.163.0
Takes a while to learn everything, but it's oh-so-worthwhile!!
Oraxen has become a defining and essential feature on my server.

Keep up the good work!
scoobidoge Aug 12, 2023
Version 1.160.0
Highly recommended plugin, an incredible solution for all those servers that have in mind to customize to the fullest their gaming experiences, if you are thinking of buying it I sincerely tell you that it is an excellent idea, also you have the support of Thorgal's discord community where you can get inspired by the ideas of others or find solution to your problems using the plugin in case you have any confusion.
ShoxDanger Dec 3, 2022
Version 1.148.2
Love this plugin best thing to buy if you like to spice up your server.
Sokarau Aug 7, 2022
Version 1.139.0
Confusing at first but once you get hang of, it becomes easy to use, the best item plugin! Oraxen for the win!
BoyGalatic Jun 16, 2022
Version 1.135.7
Super well made plugin! Its hard at first and there is many ways to get help although it can still be just a bit confusing. At the end of they day, great plugin and works perfectly!
SparrowSoul Nov 6, 2021
Version 1.118.1
A very easy and intuitive item adder plugin. Oraxen on top!

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