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1.172.0 Mar 29, 2024

1.171.0 Mar 13, 2024

1.170.1 Feb 28, 2024

- Issue with reading and loading fonts multiple times causing them to break

1.167.0 Jan 10, 2024

1.165.1 Dec 11, 2023
- Fixes various error-spam and issues on versions below 1.20
- Fixes 1.20.2 sliced GUI-overrides being added to atlas, lowering mipmap level
- Minor bugfixes

1.164.1 Nov 15, 2023

- Fix issue with plugin not loading on first-install

1.164.0 Nov 15, 2023

1.162.1 Oct 4, 2023

- Fixes issue with plugin loading on some older versions

1.160.0 Aug 11, 2023

1.159.0 Jul 28, 2023
Bugfixes & features:
  • Fix issues with new Custom Armor system
  • Allow manually configuring color if wanted
  • Fix issue with block.stone/wood not always being replaced with custom sound
  • Prevent malformed configs from loading and print out error
  • Allow overriding required files but ensure they always exist
  • Make FurnitureMechanic spawn an Interaction-Hitbox on 1.19.4+ servers if no barrier or hitbox is defined
    • Prevents Furniture from seeming "unbreakable" when placed
    • If you want no hitbox at all, simply set the width/height property to 0
  • Experimental: Automatically update furniture if config-mechanic was altered
    • Settings can be found under FurnitureUpdater in settings.yml
Custom Block Placement fixes:
  • Fix Hanging Sign placement on custom blocks
  • Prevent SeaGrass from being placed on custom blocks unless there is water
  • Fix issue with gravity-blocks placed on OraxenBlocks
  • Fix placement of Sculk Vein and Tripwire Hooks on Custom Blocks
  • Add Admin commands
    • Currently only for placing/removing blocks/furniture in a radius
    • Should not be used by external plugins, use the API. This is merely meant as an admin cleanup tool
  • Make debug command toggle debug-state
  • Add `/oraxen version` as a replacement for old debug command
  • Change Update-command to work for furniture and items
  • Add `/oraxen pack extract_default" to extract default models/textures to the pack

1.158.2 Jul 21, 2023
Here is the changelog:
- Fix issue with armor and pre 1.20 versions
- Fix issues with updating old armor to new color system
- Fix shader image generator using wrong color
- Improve armor-related warnings
- Add <player> tag to Pack Messages

1.158.1 Jul 21, 2023
Here is the changelog:
- Add support for LessFancyPants Custom Armor Shader
  * Adds new setting, `CustomArmor.shader_type`
  * Valid ones are FANCY (default) and new LESS_FANCY
  * Remove need to specify color for armor, this is assigned automatically
- Fix EnergyBlast not working properly
- Fix spell-mechanics triggering when clicking interactable blocks
- Fix seats not throwing disconnecting players off
- Make override_item_lore default to false
- Add shorthand "s" and "g" for shift and glyph-tags
- Fix some issues with WorldEdit handling of Custom Blocks
- Fix uuid & name still being required in AttributeModifiers

1.158.0 Jul 14, 2023
Here is the changelog:
- Fix Gesture Shader breaking playerheads
- Add `radius_limitation` to LimitedPlacing mechanic
- Fix for displayname without formatting being italic
- Fix strippable OraxenBlocks always being stripped
- Make glyphs take a `char` to specify a specific unicode easier, over a `code`
  * Old configs will automatically convert
  * Setting `code` in new configs will automatically convert to `char` entry
- Remove PrintGlyph command due to the above change
- Make OraxenItems with TIPPED_ARROW material and `disable_vanilla_interaction` not fire
- Disable equipping OraxenItems with HorseArmor material and `disable_vanilla_interaction` 
- Fix issues with SilkTouch drops

1.157.5 Jul 9, 2023

Here is the changelog:

- Make pack-validation ignore default entity textures
- Fix Oraxen Inventory height-offset
- Improve Lands Protection and Interaction rules
- Fix issue with settings.yml not updating from some old versions
- Tweak some default settings

1.157.4 Jul 6, 2023
Here is the changelog:
- Fix anvil renaming of Oraxen Items
- Fix enchanting Oraxen Items making name italic
- Remove spam of NumberKey debug message
- Fix Written Books opening when trying to interact with blocks like Lecterns, Chiseled Bookshelves and chests
- Remove need to specify UUID and name in AttributeModifiers
- Fix issue related to sounds when placing on Custom Blocks
- Minor fixes to OraxenEvent calling
- Fix issues with assigning slots in OraxenInventory

1.157.3 Jun 29, 2023
Here is the changelog:
- Fix stringblocks updating when blocks are placed next to them
- Fix noteblock-mechanic blocks updating when above block is broken
- Fix more cases where same items would not be stackable/usable in recipes
- Make Bitmap-Glyphs ignore texture, ascent and height specified in the glyph-config
  * This is all defined within the bitmap-entry in fonts.yml
- Fixes to Gesture-command
- Fix auto-cmd not respecting items with same model-paths
- Fix Dye-Command not working with maps
- Add `amount`-property to recipe results
- Add Crucible and MMOItems support to recipes
- Add settings to disable automatic glyph/cmd systems
- Fix CustomBlock-sounds not being properly removed when disabled

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