Enhance your server/personal experience with a beautiful wooden leaf ESC Menu!

Works for Vanilla, ItemAdder & Oraxen! (and any others)

  • Side Panel CAN BE REMOVED (optional)
    • "menu.returnToGame": "⻔月𰁏𰁏𰁏𰁏𰁏𰁏𰁏𰁏𰁏𰁏𰁏𰁏𰁏𰁏𰁏𰁏𰁏𰁏"}
    • "menu.returnToGame": "Back to Game"}
  • Everything here can be EASILY edited by using any software such as Asprite (recommened) or photoshop, etc



Simply Drag & Drop into your Resource Packs Folder (make sure to unzip!)

Versions included:

  • 1.19.4 (works 1.16+)
  • 1.20.2


Discord: !SilentTail#1192

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