2.0.10 Aug 7, 2020
Minor Fixes


+ Fixed issues with Holograms.
+ Fixed multiple issues with scoreboards.

2.0.9 Aug 7, 2020


+ Added an option for a forced team plugin hook.
+ Added PAPI placeholders for all messages.
+ Added a message when the help command is over the max page.
+ Fixed help command per permission.
+ Fixed issues with running commands on full team.
+ Fixed calling lose capture commands on restart if the outpost controller is not saved.
+ Fixed an issue with the help command.
+ Fixed issues with ShopGuiPlus and McMMo hooks.
+ Fixed issues with FabledSkyblock hook.

2.0.8 Aug 5, 2020


+ Added the /outpost info command to lang.yml file.
+ Added decimal prices to outpost shops.
+ Fixed %multplier% so now set as %multiplier% by default.
+ Fixed setting some multipliers to 0.
+ Fixed help command per permission.
+ Fixed setlocation command.
+ Fixed not removing items from the shop.
+ Fixed visual message errors.

2.0.7 Aug 2, 2020
Scoreboard Fixes


+ Fixed some issues with FabledSkyblock.
+ Fixed some issues with Factions scoreboards.

2.0.6 Aug 2, 2020


Fixed "NO_TEAM" displaying for all none placeholders.
Fixed the /outpost shop error from the previous version.

2.0.5 Aug 2, 2020

+ Fixed holograms not being removed.
+ Fixed command /outpost shop throwing errors.
+ Fixed "NO_TEAM" so this now supports %player%.
+ Fixed colour names.
+ Added a new custom hologram update tick time in config.
+ Added %percent% as a placeholder in holograms.

2.0.4 Jul 30, 2020


+ Added French translation thanks to EYROX.
+ Updated /outpost shop so will now work if there is only one Outpost.
+ Fixed some issues with Outpost hunger, damage, and some other rewards.
+ Fixed some issues with KiteBoard disabling the plugin.
+ Fixed issues with placeholders not updating until reloading plugin.
+ Fixed the decreasing percentage displaying the wrong team name.
+ Fixed multipliers so they can now be set to 0 if not used on some Outposts.
+ Fixed %player% not working in the captured broadcast.
+ Fixed issues with the %outpost_time_controlled% placeholders.
+ Fixed using \n on outpost broadcasts.
+ Fixed issues with TabPremium.
+ Fixed some issues with chat delay.
+ Fixed multiple issues with capturing Outpost.

2.0.3 Jul 16, 2020


+ Added French translation thanks to EYROX.
+ Fixed some issues with the new version of KingdomsX.
+ Fixed some issues with incorrect messages.

2.0.2 Jul 14, 2020