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1.1 Jun 17, 2023
Spigot compatibility and improvements
Other things done:
  • Added two different types of commands to provide more versatility and options.
  • Integrated Spigot API and Kyori API into the project, expanding functionality and capabilities.
  • Added the necessary dependencies to the pom.xml and plugin.yml files for the Kyori API.
  • Implemented a new Parser system for improved command parsing and handling.
  • Reworked the Logger and CommandManager components, enhancing their performance and usability.
  • Conducted code refactoring and made various improvements throughout the codebase.
  • Separated folders for Spigot and Paper compatibility, streamlining the development process.
  • Introduced the EventManager to check for version compatibility and handle necessary events.
  • Enhanced the Parser with a new Spigot parser that supports hex color codes.
  • Conducted code improvements and cleanup for a more optimized and organized codebase.
  • Removed the shade functionality, eliminating unnecessary dependencies.

1.0.19 Jun 16, 2023
Bug Fixes and Message File Improvement
  • Fixed minor bugs related to AvampostFileChecker, improving its functionality and reliability.
  • Made minor fixes to the messages file

1.0.18 Jun 11, 2023
1.20 compatibility
  • compatibility with version 1.20

1.0.17 May 18, 2023
Bug Fix and Code Improvements
  • Small bug fix in the creation of avampost
  • Improvements made to the code.

1.0.16 May 16, 2023
Bug Fix in Rewards Section and Enhanced Item Function Naming

Bug fix in rewards section:

  • Addressed a small bug in the rewards section.

Names of every item function:

  • Included names for each item function for better identification and organization.

1.0.15 May 16, 2023
Enhanced Checker, Improved Requirements, and Console Reload Feature

Improved checker:

  • Enhanced the checker functionality.

Requirements section:

  • Added a Requirements section for better clarity and organization.
  • Specified the requirements for joining.

Small improvements to other ConfigGUIEvents:

  • Made minor enhancements to other ConfigGUIEvents for better performance.

Console reload on Enable:

  • Implemented a feature to reload the console upon enabling.

1.0.14 May 16, 2023
Small improvements
  • Initial requirements section
  • Code optimizations
  • Colors to parameters on ConfigGUI
  • Added new messages in the messages.yml file. Remember to run /avampost admin reload to add the new messages (for safety, run it twice).

1.0.13 May 15, 2023
Small bug fix
  • Solved small bug with permission

1.0.12 May 15, 2023
Small Editor improvement
  • Now, by entering any parameter in the editor, the Main GUI will open again

1.0.11 May 15, 2023
  • Bstats Metrics has been added.

1.0.10 May 13, 2023
Reworked Mobs section
  • Reworked Mobs section on config GUI
  • Remember to run /avampost admin reload to add the new messages (for safety, run it twice).

1.0.9 May 12, 2023
Remove an outpost through the ConfigGUI
  • Added the ability to remove an outpost through the ConfigGUI.
  • Added new messages in the messages.yml file. Remember to run /avampost admin reload to add the new messages (for safety, run it twice).

1.0.8 May 12, 2023
New premium system
  • The Jar contains the new premium check system

1.0.7 May 12, 2023
dependency check & premium/free version

1.0.5 May 11, 2023
  • Refactoring package

1.0.4 May 8, 2023
Messages file checker
  • Added in the messages.yml file, if a string is missing, it will be auto-generated without needing to remove, restart the server, or modify the file.

1.0.3 May 8, 2023
Experimental feature
  • The new requirements system is not available on the config GUI. The only one available is 'requirements-to-join'
  • Added new flag 
        enabled: false
        permission: 'avampost.test' #Permission to enter in the Avampost
        enabled: false
        permission: 'avampost.test' #Permission to start the Avampost
        enabled: false
        permission: 'avampost.test' #Permission to get rewards

1.0.2 May 1, 2023
Small improvements to ConfigGUI
  • Removed some debug if debug its not active
  • Improvements to code
  • Added help message on /avampost admin [noargs]

1.0.1 Apr 28, 2023
Messages improvements
  • Improved messages removed italian translations
  • added new custom messages on messages.yml

1.0-ALPHA Apr 27, 2023
First Version
  • Easy-to-use ConfigGUI for creating and editing Avamposts.
  • Avampost file with explanations for editing an Avampost.
  • Players can conquer the Avamposts you create and receive rewards.
  • You can set a cooldown period after an Avampost has been conquered.
  • Customizable messages.yml file.
  • Hex color support for all elements.
  • If you want any additional features for this plugin, request them on Discord!
  • File checker allows you to see possible configuration errors or missing items on each reload.

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