📕 Description ↴

➺ PandaGKits is a dedicated plugin for all kinds of kits which you get when you open a menu, but to get each one you will need a permission

📖 Features ↴


🔗 Compatibility ↴


➺ All Spigots 1.7.x - 1.19.x

🔧 Dependency ↴
➺ Java 8 - 17

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❓ FAQ ↴

I have purchased PandaGKits what do I do next?
Answer: Join our discord and claim your licence!

How do I install the plugin?
Answer: First download the plugin by clicking the download button, then go to the folder where the plugin was downloaded and move it to the plugins folder on your server

Will I receive updates after purchasing?
Answer: Yes, you will receive updates completely free!

Do you have more payment methods?
Answer: Yes, if you want to pay using another method
open a ticket in our discord and a staff will help you out!

🚨 Commands ↴
/gkits - Open menu to select gkits 
/pandagkit create - Create a kit
/pandagkit delete -  Delete a kit
/pandagkit give - Give the gkit to player
/pandagkit player - Player apply kit
/pandagkit cooldown - Cooldown set/remove to player
/pandagkit reset - Reset all player data
/pandagkit edit - Open menu to edit all kits
/pandagkit list - List of all kits
/pandagkit reload - Reload all files....

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💰 Price ↴
➺ JAR: $5.50
➺ SRC Without Updates: $40
➺ SRC With Updates: $60