1.4.2 Sep 29, 2023
PAPIProxyBridge 1.4.2 - Fabric 1.20.1 fix

PAPIProxyBridge 1.4.2 fixes another issue preventing Fabric 1.20.1 from loading the plugin correctly.

  • Fixed the jar file size being far bigger than needed
  • Fixed the Fabric mod failing to load on Fabric 1.20.1

To update, just drag+drop.

1.4.1 Sep 25, 2023
PAPIProxyBridge 1.4.1 - Fabric 1.20.1 fix

PAPIProxyBridge 1.4.1 fixes a problem with Fabric 1.20.1

  • Fixed the system not loading with Fabric 1.20.1 (#74)

To update, just drag+drop. The fabric mod included in the .jar works with 1.20.1 only.

1.4 Sep 6, 2023
PAPIProxyBridge 1.4 - Component placeholders, bug fixes

PAPIProxyBridge 1.4 adds support for formatting serialised component placeholders and fixes bugs. This version supports 1.20.1 on Fabric.

  • Added new methods to support placeholders returning adventure Components.
    • Placeholders that resolve to components can now be returned natively through the #formatComponentPlaceholders method
    • This allows for placeholders to contain formatting and chat events
  • Fixed a thread deadlocking issue that could rarely occur on Velocity
  • Fixed the Velocity implementation not specifying that it had handled a plugin message, causing other plugins relying on these to fail in certain circumstances

To update, just drag+drop.

1.3 Jul 28, 2023
PAPIProxyBridge 1.3 - API changes, server list fetching, stability

PAPIProxyBridge 1.3 makes changes to the API, adds the ability to fetch a list of servers with PAPIProxyBridge installed, and improves system stability.

  • Add API method for fetching the list of server names which have PAPIProxyBridge installed (#54)
  • Moved the API to be instance-based, rather than singleton-based, courtesy of @Jarva (#66)
    • Each plugin should now create and store its own PAPIProxyBridge PlaceholderAPI instance.
    • The method has changed to #createInstance()#getInstance() is now deprecated.
    • This allows plugins to independently configure cache time
  • Fixed an issue where the Velocity Plugin Message event was still being passed to clients
  • Fixed an OutOfMemoryException that could occur in certain cases, caused by concurrent Map issues (#65)

To update, just drag+drop.

1.2.2 Jun 12, 2023
PAPIProxyBridge v1.2.2 - Fabric 1.20.1

PAPIProxyBridge 1.2.2 updates the plugin to support Minecraft 1.20.1 on Fabric servers.

  • PAPIProxyBridge on Fabric now targets Minecraft 1.20.1

To update, just drag+drop.

1.2.1 Jun 12, 2023
PAPIProxyBridge v1.2.1 - Fabric 1.20

PAPIProxyBridge 1.2.1 updates the plugin to support Minecraft 1.20 on Fabric servers.

  • PAPIProxyBridge on Fabric now supports Minecraft 1.20.

To update, just drag+drop

1.2 Apr 17, 2023
PAPIProxyBridge v1.2 - New API features, caching bug fix

PAPIProxyBridge v1.2 adds a few new features to the API and fixes a notable issue with placeholder caching.

  • Added methods for specifying a requestFor UUID, which lets you request placeholder formatting using an online user for a user who does not have to be online.
  • Added methods for setting how long to cache requests for, and for how long to wait before timing out a request
  • Caching will now cache separate request results for each player
  • If you pass the UUID of an offline user to PAPIProxyBridge, it will now return the unformatted text instead of throwing an exception
  • The fabric mod now targets Minecraft 1.19.2+

To update, just drag+drop. API developers should target the new version (1.2) if they wish. There are no breaking changes.

1.1 Mar 27, 2023
PAPIProxyBridge v1.1 - PlaceholderAPI fabric mod support

PAPIProxyBridge v1.1 adds support for providing placeholders on Fabric through the Fabric PlaceholderAPI mod. Huge thanks to @Awakened-Redstone for writing this feature.

  • Added support for Fabric Placeholder support
    • This is a server-side only mod
    • Works with Minecraft versions 1.19.3+
    • Depends on the TextPlaceholderAPI mod by Patbox

To update, just drag+drop. Nothing's changed on the side of the other modules, aside from a few dependency bumps.

1.0 Mar 6, 2023