Discord Invoice Bot

Receiving payments has never been easier.

With this bot you can;
  • Send invoices to an email for any price.
  • Check the status of already sent invoices from your account.
  • Check the details of already sent invoices from your account.
  • Receive money with little effort.
  • Automatically check for payments & get notified when a payment is received.
The commands of the bot are;

-invoice create (client email) (price) (product)
-invoice check (invoice id)
-invoice fetch (invoice id)


License system
Due to the absurd amount of leaking nowadays I have taken it upon myself to add a licensing system into my bots, meaning you will not receive original source code, and instead obfuscated code.

You will require a key before being able to use the bot, which you can obtain by joining my Discord server at https://discord.gg/g65H7W8 and creating a ticket. If the bot is down for any reason, you can DM me instead, at Ty#1234.

A PayPal business account is required. This is due to API restrictions by PayPal.

Extra Information
Once being in need of bots myself, I realised a lot of developers had a lack of transparency with their clients, and therefore I aim to challenge that and offer the utmost support & transparency to either current or future clients.

You can ask any questions via my Discord above or on the discussion of this resource. Furthermore, I will soon locate a changelog, planned updates, and known bugs page to my already live information page at https://docs.tylinfoot.co/. Feel free to check that out for help with setting up the bot.

I am as active as possible and will always try to respond within 24 hours.

Information page - https://docs.tylinfoot.co/
Discord server - https://discord.gg/g65H7W8
Discord user: Ty#1234


By purchasing this bot you're automatically agreeing to every term listed here, these terms are subject to change should I deem it necessary.

Failure to abide by my terms may result in temporary or permanent suspension of your license.

  1. You may not redistribute this bot.
  2. You may not file a chargeback in any case whatsoever, you should always contact me with issues.
  3. You may not make an attempt to decompile the bot or edit any of its license checks.
  4. You may not claim this bot as your own creation.

Please contact me with any other queries if you're unsure; Ty#1234