1.18.2 May 5, 2022
Upstream changed



Starting from 3f2a878, we are changing our upstream repo to Pufferfish

I also ported some most used Purpur features, you can take a look at patches/server for more details. The configuration for it will be in pearl.yml (https://pastes.dev/6xxXggTxLr), the permissions still gonna be the same

Upon my testing everything works fine, please let me know if there is any issue
Download latest build below


1f4cc.png Remember to take a full server backup first!
1f4cc.png Tell your member to TAKE OUT ALL OF THEIR ITEMS from Ender Chest and Barrel, as by default 6 rows Ender Chest and Barrel are disabled. This can makes item disappear lol

1.18.2 Apr 13, 2022
Hydrogen implementation

Hydrogen implementation will help reduces memory consumption


unknown.png  unknown.png

1.18.2 Apr 11, 2022
Alternate Current update

We updated the Alternate Current patch, please take a backup of your old paper.yml file and restart the server, redstone-algo is now redstone-implementation

1.18.2 Apr 7, 2022

1.18.2 8d30085 Mar 31, 2022

1.18.2 b5b891d Mar 25, 2022

Packet obfuscation and reduction

1.18.2 6cb1d7c Mar 23, 2022

1.18.2 Mar 23, 2022