Penguin Grappling Hook Features

Who doesn't love to fly around the PVP arena with a grappling hook trying to find a good vantage point?

  • You can select different velocity and cooldown per grappling hook
  • You can enable/disable sounds in config.yml and control volume, pitch, and sound name.
  • Players and toggle sound(s). (/phook sound)
  • You can use particles (permission required) (You can edit the type and amount in config.yml - or disable)
  • You can edit and change all messages. (please keep the placeholders with <> around them there.)
  • Minecraft and hex color support. (use &#hexcolor)
  • You can toggle (unbreakable) ~ will only apply for hooks made after the fact.
  • You can set the required owner to limit others using the grappling hook. (the owner will be the player given the hook originally) can be disabled in config.yml

Permission & Commands

- phook.admin gives the ability to all commands and features
- phook.give | /phook give <target> <velocity optional> <cooldown optional>
- phook.reload | /phook reload reloads the messages.yml
- phook.sound | /phook sound toggles the sound in the hook in your hand
- phook.use | allows the user to use the grappling hook
- phook.cooldown.bypass | bypasses all cooldowns
- phook.particles | gives you particles (if enabled in config.yml)

If you have any questions, errors, or issues please use the discussion thread for this plugin or message me.

Please do not use reviews for support.

Default config.yml

#due to issues related to reloading plugins, I decided only to reload messages.yml using the /phook reload.
#So to make any changes here you will need to restart the server, then edit the file and start the server again.

#get notified when new updates on login.
notify_updates: true

  #supports hex colors &#c1c1c1
  hook_name: '&b&l[&a&lPenguin &6&lHook&b&l]'

  #Full command is /phook give <target|player> <velocity> <cooldown>
  #Giving velocity and cooldown stats are optional. If you do not add <velocity> and/or <cooldown> they will get the default cooldown and velocity.
  #You can change velocity and cooldown by simply doing /phook edit <cooldown> or <velocity>
  default_velocity: 0.3
  default_cooldown: 0.5

  #Use particles true / false
  hook_particles: true
  #Particle type list:
  particle_type: 'SMOKE_LARGE'
  particle_amount: 25

  #Enable or disable sound
  sound: true
  #NB.. the list if you find for example : entity.bee.hurt' you have to write 'ENTITY_BEE_HURT'.
  sound_name: 'ENTITY_WITHER_SHOOT' #Select your preferred sound
  #Volume has to be between 1-15
  volume: 15
  pitch: 1.5

  #Should the grappling hook be unbreakable?
  unbreakable: true

  #should ONLY the player who is given the hook be able to use the hook?
  use_owner: true

Default messages.yml

prefix: '&8[&aPenguin &6Hook&8]'
hook_name: '&8[&aPenguin &6Hook&8]'
no_permission: '&cYou do not have the required permission.'
cooldown: '&cYou cannot use this again just yet.'
reload: '&aYou just reloaded the &6messages.yml'
give_hook: '&aYou gave &6<player_name> &athe &6Grappling Hook&a.'
player_not_online: '&6<player_name> &cis not online.'
player_receive: '&6<sender> &agave you the &6Grappling Hook&a'
help: '&cPlease use &6/phook help &cfor usage information.'
creative: '&cYou cannot the grappling hook in creative.'
inventory_full: '&6<player_name>&c inventory is full'
hook_use: '&a&lWoosh!'
hook_in_hand: '&cYou need to have the grappling hook in-hand to use this command.'
hook_velocity: '&aThe &dVelocity &ais set to: &b'
hook_cooldown: '&aThe &dCooldown &ais set to: &b'
sound_on: '&bThe sound is &a&lON'
sound_off: '&bThe sound is &aOFF'
use_to_sound: '&3Use &6/phook sound &3to toggle sound'
sound_disabled: '&bSound is already disabled.'
phook_use_give_info: '&bSetting the &5velocity &band &5cooldown &bis optional.'
phook_use_give_info2: '&bThe base command is &6/phook give <target>'
phook_use_give_info3: '&bOptional usage is &6/phook give <target> <velocity> <cooldown>'
phook_use_give_info4: '&bThe lowest value is &60&b, and maximum value is &6100'
phook_use_give: '&6/phook give <target> <velocity> <cooldown>'
phook_reload_info: '&bUsing &6/phook reload &bwill only reload the &6messages.yml'
phook_reload_info2: '&bTo change settings in the &6config.yml &byou need to stop,
  edit and restart the server.'
phook_reload: '&6/phook reload'
phook_help_info: '&bUsing &6/phook help &bwill show you how to use commands, depending
  on the permissions you have.'
phook_help: '&6/phook help'
not_owner: '&bYou are not the owner of the item.'