Stay connected like never before in Minecraft with PhoneV2. Communicate easily through calls and messages, revolutionizing multiplayer interaction.


  "Adding SIM number."

  "Adding a new contact."

Player-to-Player Calls:
Enjoy seamless communication by calling other players who have an assigned SIM number on their device. Maintain real-time connections and coordinate effortlessly.

Instant Messaging:
Experience swift and direct messaging as you send and receive messages among players in your contact list. Keep private conversations and stay in tune with your gaming peers.

Contact Management:
Streamline your experience with a clear and organized view of the contacts you've added. Handle and organize your connections through an intuitive and efficient menu.

Adding New Numbers:
Maintain strong communication by adding your friends' numbers to your device. Stay connected without complications and ensure you're always in the know about the gaming world's happenings.



/Phone: Get a phone.
/givesim: Get a SIM card for your phone
/customsim: Get a custom SIM number.

phone.customsim: /customsim
phone.givesim: /givesim
phone.use: /phone

Permissions to receive emergency calls NEW

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