A very simple but beautiful emoji pack that we drew with all our heart for a week! it is very easy to install and entertain your players with it. Enjoy the game with emoji!

required plugin:

- itemsadder


Items Adder Config; Discord images; Aseprite file.


Photo in game:

frequently asked questions and their answers:

how should i install it? - there is a special folder for discord, and all files will need to be moved to the emojis tab of the server. For minecraft, you need to move the pixelemojis folder to the contents folder of the ItemsAdder plugin

why so expensive? - because we drew this pack for a whole week, drew it with love and had to put it up for sale.

I bought it but I want a refund. How can i do this? - we cannot refund your money, we do not have access to this

how to install them in itemsAdder:

1. open the ItemsAdder folder in the resource you downloaded here

2. open the contents folder in your server's ItemsAdder folder

3. move the PlazaEmojis folder from the purchased file to the contents folder

4. write in console or chat /iazip to apply the changes

how to install emoji in discord:

1. go to your discord server. open settings and below emojis tab

2. move all files from for_discord to emojis tab and enjoy life!