Player Businesses allows players to create and manage businesses in Minecraft, offering a unique and immersive gameplay experience. You can join our test server at play.olziedev.com and type /pb
You can join our support discord here.
  • Fully customisable
  • Manage GUI
  • Balances
  • Staff hierarchy - fully customisable roles/permissions
  • Chestshop support
  • Logged transactions
  • Logged chestshop sales
  • Staff prompting/resigning/demoting
  • /pb pay <firm> <player> <amount> - Pay a user from a specified firm.
  • /pb staff createrole <firm> <name> - Create a role for the specified firm.
  • /pb transactions <firm> [page] - Shows transaction list for the specified firm.
  • /pb offer <firm> <user> - Offer a user a job.
  • /pb disband <firm> - Disband a firm.
  • /pb fire <firm> <user> - Removes specified user from specified firm you own.
  • /pb staff editrole add <firm> <name> <permission> - Allows you to add permissions to a role.
  • /pb staff editrole remove <firm> <name> <permission> - Allows you to remove permissions from a role.
  • /pb staff list <firm> - Shows a list of all staff members.
  • /pb staff demote <firm> <user> - Demote a player from a role.
  • /pb staff removerole <firm> <name> - Remove a role from the specified firm.
  • /pb staff promote <firm> <user> - Promote a player to a role.
  • /pb list <user> - List firms for the specified user.
  • /pb deposit <firm> <money> - Puts money from player balance into a firm balance.
  • /pb set hq <firm> <plot> - Set the HQ for a firm.
  • /pb set discord <firm> <discord> - Set the discord for the specified firm.
  • /pb withdraw <firm> <money> - Takes money from the specified firm.
  • /pb accept <firm> - Accepts pending job offer from specified firm.
  • /pb deny <firm> - Denies pending job offer from specified firm.
  • /pb info <firm> - Shows information about the specified firm.
  • /pb list all [page] - List all firms.
  • /pb create <firm> - Creates a firm.
  • /pb sales <firm> [page] - Shows sales list of specified firm.
  • /pb sales toggle <firm> - Toggles sale notifications for a firm.
  • /pb resign <firm> - Resigns from specified firm.
  • /pb transferproprietorship <firm> <user> - Change firm propiertorship.
  • /pb sales export <firm> <days> - Exports sales list of specified firm in a TXT.
  • /pb reload - Reloads all the config files.
  • /pb menu <firm> - Open the menu.
  • playerbusinesses.use - Allows the player to use the playerbusinesses plugin.
  • playerbusinesses.admin - Allows the player to interact with other businesses without owning them.
  • playerbusinesses.admin.reload - Allows the player to reload the plugin.
  • playerbusinesses.user.offer.accept - Allows the player to accept a business offer.
  • playerbusinesses.user.create - Allows the player to create a business.
  • playerbusinesses.user.offer.deny - Allows the player to deny a business offer.
  • playerbusinesses.user.disband - Allows the player to disband their business.
  • playerbusinesses.user.fire - Allows the player to fire a staff member.
  • playerbusinesses.user.fire.others - Allows the player to fire any staff member from any business.
  • playerbusinesses.user.information - Allows the player to view their business information.
  • playerbusinesses.user.list.all - Allows the player to view all businesses.
  • playerbusinesses.user.list - Allows the player to view a player's businesses.
  • playerbusinesses.user.offer - Allows the player to offer a business to another player.
  • playerbusinesses.user.resign - Allows the player to resign from their business.
  • playerbusinesses.transactions.use - Allows the player to use the transactions command.
  • playerbusinesses.user.transferproprietorship - Allows the player to transfer the proprietorship of their business.
  • playerbusinesses.user.transferproprietorship.others - Allows the player to transfer the proprietorship of any business.
  • playerbusinesses.sales.export - Allows the player to export their sales.
  • playerbusinesses.sales.use - Allows the player to use the sales command.
  • playerbusinesses.sales.toggle - Allows the player to toggle their sales.
  • playerbusinesses.set.hq - Allows the player to set their business HQ.
  • playerbusinesses.staff.createrole - Allows the player to create a staff role.
  • playerbusinesses.staff.demote - Allows the player to demote a staff member.
  • playerbusinesses.staff.promote - Allows the player to promote a staff member.
  • playerbusinesses.staff.removerole - Allows the player to remove a staff role.
  • playerbusinesses.user.role.edit.add - Allows the player to add a permission to a staff role.
  • playerbusinesses.user.role.edit.remove - Allows the player to remove a permission from a staff role.