Player Elections allows you to create and manage elections on your server. You can create as many elections as you want, with as many candidates as you want all in a menu. You can have a preferential voting system or a block voting system. You can customize the election to your liking, such as the duration, the candidates, and the voters. You can also export the election to a file and reload the config files. You can join our test server at play.olziedev.com and type /elections
You can join our support discord here.
  • Fully customisable
  • Create elections
  • Voting systems
  • Export in file
  • /elections - Opens the elections menu.
  • /elections exportall <election id> - Export all data for a specific election to a file.
  • /elections export <election id> - Export data to hastebin.
  • /elections reload - Reloads all the config files.
  • playerelections.manager - Allow the player to open the elections menu.
  • playerelections.create - Allows the player to create an election.
  • playerelections.admin - Allows the player to manage elections they did not create.
  • playerelections.exportall - Allows the player to export elections to a file.
  • playerelections.export - Allows the player to export elections to hastebin.
  • playerelections.admin.reload - Allows the player to reload the plugin.