Supported MC Versions1.16, 1.15, 1.14, 1.13, 1.12, 1.11, 1.10, 1.9, 1.8, 1.7

Player Report was made with the ability to be a full

fledged in game report system to eliminate the hassle

 of having to use a 3rd party application, such as Discord

 or your even possibly your servers' website.

Player Report lets you manage

all of that, with ease, all in game.

Player Report can go from a very simple, extremely

lightweight report system to an image-required per-report

based system, even with the ability to teleport to where

the reports were originally created.

a whole lot more 22x22

But either way...


» Report players with ease.

» Reports have a Status (Update in one click)

» Reward the 'reporter' of a successful report upon being labeled 'Complete'.

» Online & offline player support for rewarding! (Claim-GUI)

» Ability to force players to include an image of proof for any report they make!

» Option to click a report to teleport to where the reporter made the report!

» Staff can get notified when someone submits a report.

» View all reports, in order, within a fully configurable GUI.

» Configurable/Toggleable cooldown for sending reports.

» Perform any amount of commands upon clicking and/or creating a report.

» Remove specific reports by clicking them in the GUI. (Configurable click type)

» Clear all reports with one command + confirmation to insure no accidents! 22x22

» Literally every option is configurable and toggleable!

» Lightweight & absolutely no lag!

» Extremely efficient menu systems.

» Compatible with ANY MC version!

» Active developer.

» Free! 22x22

Player Report was made with the intentions of allowing Staff

to manage reports in game quickly, efficiently & effectively!

Quick, how? » One click to remove or update a report.

Efficiently, how? » The way data is saved is very efficient. (lag free, guaranteed)

Effectively, how? » By rewarding players who submit real reports!

» /report

Permission » PlayerReport.Admin-Messages

• Players WITH the permission will see the above message

but only the sub-commands they actually have permission to.

• Players WITH OUT the permission will see the usage for

the command itself. (/report (name) (reason))

» /reports help

New »

New report, not looked into.


Being investigated.

Complete »

Report was legit and reporter should be rewarded.

Note »

You can toggle the requirement of a proof

image to submit a report.

This will require the player to provide

a link to an image.

(There's a URL-Whitelist you can configure)

Click-Types »

All of the click-types are configurable.

(You can change what happens with you Right-Click,

Left-Click, Shift-Right-Click, Drop the item,

use the number keys, etc.)

This is a custom menu system that only logs data

if a player is ever offline and they're given item rewards when

a report of theirs is marked as confirmed.

If the "Reporter" of a report is offline when their report is marked as 'Confirmed', to give any items to said player you'd simply set up the ClaimGUI using, '/reports setupclaimgui' and put however many items inside that you'd like.

(GUI size is configurable)

Note »

If a player doesn't claim their rewards they DO NOT stack.

This is to prevent duping and shouldn't be an issue.


PlayerReport.Admin-Messages » Access to view admin based commands when you only type /report instead of just the usage.

PlayerReport.Help » Access to /reports help.

PlayerReport.Report » Access to /report.

PlayerReport.Reports » Access to /reports.

PlayerReport.Clear » Access to /reports clear.

PlayerReport.Reload » Access to /reports reload.

PlayerReport.Notify » Be notified when someone submits a report.

PlayerReport.ReportTimerBypass » Bypass the /report cooldown.

PlayerReport.SetupClaimGUI » Access to /reports setupclaimgui.

PlayerReport.AddURLToWhitelist » Access to /reports addurltowhitelist

PlayerReport.ReportBypass » Can't be reported.




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