This PlotAddOn module allows a plot owner to create a BattleArena minigame on their plot using PlotAddOn framework.  This will enable many BattleArena-based minigame plugins to be used on each plot on a plot-based server.

NOTE: v4.0.0 requires WorldEdit/Guard v7.

Test server: TBA

Just install PlotBattleArenaRule.jar in PlotAddOn/gamerules folder. Then you can either "restart the server" or "reload the plugin".  PlotBattleArenaRule will automatically be loaded into PlotAddOn framework, and create battle_arena.yml in the PlotAddOn folder.

You would also need to install BattleArena. You can also install all available BattleArena-based mini games so that they can be made available to plot owners.



  • You can use BattleArena's commands only on your own plot.

  • for each BattleArena module (such as PaintBall ) you should add its entry with plataddon permission and commands in "blocked_cmd" section in battle_arena.yml.
  • commands listed in the "blocked_cmd" section can only be executed by the plot owner who has the platoon permission specified in the module name.
  • So, if you wish to "sell" the ability to build PaintBall arena, you can give a user two permissions (, and  Then the plot owner will be able to use paint ball commands to build his/her paintball arena on his/her plot.