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  • Show the players only commands that they should see
  • Customize tab-completions (also subarg tab-completion)
  • Block or only allow specific commands
    • You can autmatically remove all pluginnamed commands i. e. /<pluginname>:<command>
  • Customize or disable the message if a blocked command is executed
  • Groupsystem with command and tabcomplete list (read more at the groups section)
  • Customize or disable the /pl message
  • Protection against spyclients
  • ColorCodes can be used in the Config
  • OP-Protection (only spigot)
    • Can be enabled or disabled
    • Player can't be OP'ed who are not in the list
    • Non-allowed OP'ed Players who joined will be kicked and deOP'ed
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If you are unsure whether you want to buy the plugin, you can also use/test my free version with less functions [click]

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  • Create groups, each one has a command list and a tab-complete list
  • There are two types of groups:
    • Blacklist -> Blocks commands or removes commands from tabcomplete
    • Whitelist -> allows commands or displays commands in tabcomplete
  • A group can inherit from other groups. These then assume the group type of the parent group
  • To add a specific group to a user, add the permission plhide.group. <group>. If a player has 2 groups permissions, then the group is set depending on the priority (the higher the number, the higher the priority)
  • With the Bungeecord plugin you can chose on which servers the groups should be applied
  • Groups are inherited recursively
  • Only the groups for which the current server of the player corresponds to the inherited group are inherited (bungee version).
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Spigot (Recommended Paper): ProtocolLib

Bungeecord (Recommended Waterfall): Protocolize

Velocity: Protocolize

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  • /plhide reload | plhide.reload | Reloads the config.yml
  • /plhide help | Additional information
  • /plhide updatecheck | plhide.reload | Checks if there is a newer version
  • The commands in the bungee version are /plhide-bungee
  • plhide.bypass | Displays the actual plugins with /pl
  • plhide.group.<group> | To apply a specific group to an user
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You have questions look at the Wiki [click]


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Spigot [click]

Bungeecord [click]

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If you need support (read Wiki first) or found a bug contact me, send me your config.yml, the version you are using, that you are using PL-Hide-Pro, which mode Bungeecord/Spigot and the latest.log (if there is an error from PL-Hide-Pro!)

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Don't leave bad feedback if you have bugs or  issues.
Indstead, contact me via Discord or PM.

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Terms of service:

► As a user of this plugin, you automatically agree to these terms (which are liable to change)
You will not distribute or leak this plugin.
► No refunds once purchased.
► Not redistribute this plugin, share any part of the code or resell it.
► Not edit any of the plugin's code, decompile the plugin, or take some parts of it.
► You will not post my source code online or offline any website or in the internet.