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This plugin is very easy to set up and with only a few steps you will be able to control any plugin without any need for restarting your server ever again.
  • Download the plugin by clicking the "Download Now" button
  • Put the plugin in the /plugins folder of your server
  • Restart or reload the server
  • Explore the rest of the plugin by executing the command "/pm"
  • Enjoy the plugin!

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  • Quick Control of all Plugins without the need for a server restart.
  • Insertion of new plugins without reloading your server. Enable them by going into the GUI and clicking on the Reload the Plugins folder.
  • Command Blocker - choose which commands can be executed on the server, and which will stay disabled.
  • Smart Integration Tool - a tool that provides more safety when disabling/enabling some plugins. This feature can be toggled on and off.
  • Get bonus information of any plugin within a GUI (depends, soft-depends, authors...)
  • Chain Tool - disables all plugins that depend on another plugin when disabled.
  • Plugin Whitelist - choose which plugins are mandatory for the server to run. If any of these plugins get disabled at runtime, the players that don't have "pm.bypass" will be kicked and will not be able to rejoin unless the plugins get enabled again.

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