This plugin is very easy to set up and with only a few steps you will be able to control any plugin without any need for restarting your server ever again.
  1. Download the plugin by clicking the "Download Now" button
  2. Put the plugin in the /plugins folder of your server
  3. Restart or reload the server
  4. Explore the rest of the plugin by executing the command "/pm"
  5. Enjoy the plugin!


  1. Supervise your plugins with a single click, without the need for a server restart.
  2. Insert new plugins without restarting your server. 
  3. If you don't like the GUIs, don't worry, you can always use commands.
  4. Specify which commands should be disabled. If they are disabled, users won't know they exist. 
  5. Find additional information for each plugin. 
  6. Specify which plugins are required for the server to function properly. If any of these plugins are disabled during runtime, players who do not have "plugin.manager.bypass" permission will be kicked and will be unable to rejoin until the plugins are enabled again.
  7. Change any text within the messages.yml document that this plugin sends




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