1.0.36 Jul 4, 2020
Improvement and Bug Fixes

- Fixed issue with kicking players on join
- Fixed issue with late-bind
- Fixed issue with decryption
- Fixed issue with handshake order
- Fixed issue with Secretkey synchronization
- Fixed issue with Velocity Proxy non-empty whitelist
- Fixed issue with ClassNotFoundException on older netty for 1.8 spigot server
- Fixed issue with QueryMessenger#broadcastQuery always return false even there is an active connection
- Added RemoteObject library. Allows you to send and process non-serializable objects through the network
- Added QueryForwarder. Allows you to forward Query message from one server to another.
- Added read timeout to inactive QueryConnection
- Added QueryMessageEvent for Spigot and Velocity
- Added Velocity Proxy support
- Protocol Change. No longer sending handshake response after handshake request.

1.0 Jun 12, 2020