1.2.9 Jun 21, 2022
Further bug fixes with NBT

This version makes some further bug fixes with NBT. Apologies to everyone who had their consoles spammed!

1.2.8 Jun 18, 2022
Bug fixes with InventoryClickEvent

This version fixes a bug that sometimes caused unnecessary errors to be sent to the console

1.2.7 Jun 15, 2022
Updated to 1.19

This version supports MC 1.19!

1.2.6 Mar 5, 2022
Updated for 1.18.2+

This version supports MC 1.18.2 and newer!

1.2.5 Dec 29, 2021
Bug fixes and improvements with /update
Plugins are now in alphabetical order when you run /update

This version also fixes a bug with /update that could (very rarely and very randomly) cause certain updates to fail — the culprit was trying to add to an ArrayList in an asynchronous method.

1.2.4 Dec 28, 2021
Minor improvements
This version makes some minor improvements in the plugin, and also removes some temporary debug statements that were left in the plugin

1.2.3 Dec 28, 2021
Auto-Updater updates .jar file names too!
This version makes it so the Polymart auto-updater also updates .jar file names too, if they change!

Due to how everything works internally with servers, this was no small feat — everything would have been fairly easy if everyone was running their server on a Unix computer, but it's not possible to change the name of a .jar file when it's running on Windows.

The solution? When the Polymart plugin downloads an update that should also change the name of a .jar file, it also silently adds a new helper plugin, PolymartHelper.jar to your server when your server restarts. This PolymartHelper.jar is specially modified each time to make sure that it's always enabled before any file-name-changed plugins. Then, when PolymartHelper.jar is loaded, it changes the names of .jar files as needed. It then disables itself, and when this Polymart.jar plugin is enabled later, PolymartHelper.jar is deleted — as if it never even existed!

So, TL;DR: .jar file names update too, now

1.2.2 Dec 7, 2021
Support for 1.18
This version brings 1.18 support to the Polymart plugin!

1.2.1 Jun 17, 2021
1.17 Support and fixes for older version
This version brings support for MC 1.17, and also fixes a few bugs with the Polymart plugin on older versions!

1.2 May 18, 2021
Link your server with Polymart!
This version adds the new /polymart server command, which lets you link your server with your server listing on Polymart!

Link your server to improve your experience on Polymart, access new features on your server listing, and to get more players.

1.1.3 May 12, 2021
Minor bug fixes with updater
This version fixes a few minor bugs with the updater:

- Some .jar files were not being installed automatically. This is now fixed!
- The /update GUI sometimes showed the incorrect currently downloaded version. This is also now fixed!

1.1.2 May 11, 2021
Minor bug fixes with updater
This version fixes a minor bug that would sometimes cause the updater to not work correctly when downloading updates for plugins that weren't originally downloaded from Polymart.

1.1.1 May 2, 2021
Add tab auto-complete, courtesy of LMBishop
This version adds tab auto-complete for certain commands, courtesy of LMBishop on Github: https://github.com/Polymart/PolymartPlugin/pull/1

1.1 Apr 29, 2021
Automatically Update all of your Polymart Plugins
This version adds an amazing new feature to the Polymart plugin: an auto-updater!

Using the Polymart plugin, you can automatically download and install updates of all of your favorite Polymart plugins, including premium ones!

When your server starts up, Polymart will automatically check for updates, and you'll see a list of which plugins are available for an update. If you want to download the new versions, just type /update, and the new versions will automatically be downloaded, and they'll be installed the next time you restart or reload your server (a GUI will open that will let you disable updating certain plugins, if you want).

The best part is, all you need to do is log in to your Polymart account with /polymart login. That's it.

1.0 Sep 17, 2020