These guis will allow you to do /kit and it will open a gui where you can claim kits, if you right click on each kit you will also be able to preview what is in each kit (Make sure to change the kits to how you like them, like the enchants or the names)

Giving away 3 Vouch copies of this product, if you would like to recieve a free copy, message me and will get it sorted 18x18



How To Upload:
1. Download Configuration and guis.
2. Extract configuration and the gui_menus file.
3. add to deluxe-menu in your server files.
4. Add EssentialsX and PermissionEX Plugins
5. Add the config and gui_menus to your deluxe-menu file
6. Restart server.
7. Enjoy Configuration!
You may not resell this resource
You may not redistribute this resource
You may ask for help in the discord provided
If you are caught breaking any terms of services I will remove your licence

NOTE: Do not put BUGS/ERRORS, in the Review section. If you got any issues with the gui contact me through discord And I will fix them as soon as possible

If you need any help, contact me through PM or Discord. OlympicPrisons#1384


Deluxemenu 1.10.5 -

EssentialsX -

PermissionsEX - Can use different ones if you want to use different permissions plugin