This resource was created as a result of this r/admincraft thread.

ProNouns is a plugin aimed at LGBTQ+ servers allowing players to set their pronouns properly. No more faffing with permission groups, no more nicknaming, no more worrying about people with less common pronoun sets!

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More comprehensive documentation available at

This plugin is installed on my demo server at - come join the Discord at!

  • Players can set their pronouns individually
  • Players can set multiple pronoun sets
  • PlaceholderAPI support - write pronoun-aware automated messages!
  • Custom player-defined pronoun sets
  • MySQL support for BungeeCord servers
  • It's really pretty and supports RGB throughout
  • Integrates with DiscordSRV through an external module!
  • /pronouns - Shows all available commands for the plugin.
  • /pronouns set - Sets your pronouns. If you use more than one set, put your "preferred" set first (they'll be used in automated messages if configured), and put the rest separated by a space. For example, /pronouns set she they
  • /pronouns clear - Clears your pronouns
  • /pronouns show - Shows your, or another player's, pronouns.
  • /pronouns list - List all predefined pronoun sets. (if yours aren't listed here, you can still use them - see "Custom Pronouns" below for more info!)
  • /pronouns preview - Test out your pronouns in a sentence.
  • /pronouns sudo (requires pronouns.admin permission) - Run a pronouns command as another user.
  • /pronouns reload (requires pronouns.admin permission) - Reloads the configuration file.
Predefined Pronouns:
To use these sets, you don't need to type out all 6 pronouns! Just use the first one out of these sets:
  • he (he/him/he's/his/his/himself)
  • she (she/her/she's/her/hers/herself)
  • they (they/them/they're/their/theirs/themself)
  • any (special, uses they/them in placeholders but shows as "Any")
Custom Pronouns

Are your pronouns not listed in /pronouns list? No problem! Setting custom pronouns is super easy. Here's how you do it:

/pronouns set subjective/objective/progressive/possessive-adj/possessive-pronoun/reflexive

Here are some examples just in case you're not a linguist:
/pronouns set he/him/he's/his/his/himself
/pronouns set she/her/she's/her/hers/herself
/pronouns set they/them/they're/their/theirs/themself


To prevent abuse, the plugin is equipped with a basic regex-based filter. By default it detects the words "apache" and "helicopter". It can be disabled and custom rules can be added from the config. Players with the permission pronouns.bypass will not be affected by this


ProNouns provides a selection of PAPI placeholders so you can use pronouns in messages!
No eCloud expansion is needed - it's built into the plugin.
  • %pronouns_pronouns% - pronouns, in the Subjective/Objective format ie She/Her
  • %pronouns_subjective% - subjective pronoun
  • %pronouns_objective% - objective pronoun
  • %pronouns_progressive% - progressive pronoun
  • %pronouns_possessiveadj% - possessive adjective
  • %pronouns_possessivepro% - possessive pronoun
  • %pronouns_reflexive% - reflexive pronouns
  • %pronouns_all% - all 6 pronouns
All placeholders also have some formatting modifiers that can be added to the end of the name to control capitalisation:
  • upper - uppercase (SHE)
  • lower - lowercase (she)
  • capital - first letter uppercase, everything else lowercase (She)
Some examples using the she/her pronoun set:
  • %pronouns_subjective_upper% - SHE
  • %pronoun_possessivepro_capital% - Hers
Data Collection

This plugin uses bStats to gather anonymised telemetry data. All data collected can be viewed at
Developer API

An API is available for developers. More info here.