PsychoVaults is a plugin that gives players the ability to have multiple vaults. These vaults are similar to enderchests and can be accessed and edited through commands.



Vault ? Nope, Vaults. Give your players multiple vaults. As many vaults as your heart desires.  You control the amount of vault that any player or any group of players can have access to or use at any moment.

  Multiple Vaults Demo



Permission based vault assignment is a must when you plan to go big. You as the server owner decide how many vaults a player or a certain group gets. 

Permission example: psychovaults.use.1 gives the player access to vault 1.


  Permission Demo



PsychoVaults comes with customizablity for you. So, you as a server owner can configure it according to your needs.

  • Customize the plugin's prefix
  • The size of every vault
  • The title/name of the vault that each player sees
  • and much more coming in future!
  Config Customizability Demo



When it comes to gaming there are some players who don't exactly follow the rules. For those players Staff vault access is the best defense. As an owner you can let your staff check other player's vaults for items that they shouldn't have. Then either remove the items or do what must be done and drop the hammer!

  Staff Access Demo



  Commands & Permissions

  Detailed Permissions