Plugin Installer is an addon for Pterodactyl ( which allows the user to download Minecraft plugin straight to their server from Polymart (with premium resources) and Spigot. The addon will install the jar and change the name to the plugin's title. On the plugin manager page, users can search for plugins and sort the list of plugins displayed. A detailed view is also supported. The addon installation is simple and full support is given through Discord.


  • Install all plugins on Spigot and Polymart
  • Search for plugins
  • Navigate through pages
  • Category selection
  • Plugin uninstalling
  • Version management
  • Detailed viewing
  • Download premium resources from Polymart
  • Customize the style
  • Update plugins



Mrxbox98#1482 on Discord or


1) No refunds

2) No sharing of the plugin whatsoever

3) No chargebacks

4) Violating these terms or Marketplace terms may result in access to the product being removed