1.5.11 Sep 12, 2020
* Fixed legacy item issue with playerheads

1.5.10 Sep 9, 2020
* Fixed levelup-commands
* Fixed error shown when clicking on empty slot in lb GUI

1.5.9 Sep 8, 2020
* Fixed error when removing lb-selectmenu-<x>
- Removed debugging line for bounty GUI

1.5.8 Sep 8, 2020
Fix + Placeholder
+ You can now use %online% in the bounty-gui to see if the bountied player is online
* You can set max-kills to 0 to disable the check

1.5.7 Sep 7, 2020
Offline Placeholders
* PAPI placeholders are now also available for players that are offline

1.5.6 Sep 7, 2020
* Fixed glass color for bounty GUI
* Fixed killstreak rewards
+ You can now set leaderboard-update-time to 0 to disable automatic updates

1.5.5 Aug 31, 2020
* Criticals now also count towards HMR

1.5.4 Aug 31, 2020
Combatlog Update
+ Added actionbar functionality to combatlog, should work for 1.8-1.16 but has been tested for only 1.8 & 1.17

1.5.3 Aug 30, 2020
Leaderboard command selector GUI
+ Added selector gui for /lb command
+ Added error messages for when a world does not exist, sound does not exist or item does not exist

1.5.2 Aug 28, 2020
Added /removelb uniquekills
+ Added uniquekills as an option in /removeleaderboard

1.5.1 Aug 28, 2020
Added /leaderboard
+ Added /leaderboard, which is simply a command to preview the leaderboards instead of walking up to the leaderboards
+ /leaderboard is also in gui form, to enable set lb-as-gui to true in your config.yml
* Fixed bug with unique kills leaderboard where it would remove the top stats so placeholders wouldn't work
* Fixed duplication bug with setting up leaderboards (would remove after restart but still)

1.5.0 Aug 27, 2020
* Fixed error when Vault was not installed
+ Added MySQL support
+ Added unique-kills feature
+ Added unique-kills leaderboard

NOTE (if you recieve an error for leaderboards or want to use the new leaderboard):

Add the following to your leaderboard.yml:

leaderboard-uniquekills-enabled: true
leaderboard-uniquekills-header: '&7Top 10 Unique Kills'
leaderboard-uniquekills-footer: '&7- This is a footer -'
leaderboard-uniquekills-location: 'world,0.0,5.0,0.0'

1.4.2 Aug 10, 2020
Missed and update
I missed and update and I don't remember whats different,
just some bug fixes

1.4.0 Jul 21, 2020
+ Added per world stat collecting (world-blacklist in config.yml)

1.3.1 Jul 15, 2020
Bug fix
* Fixed PlaceholderAPI bug
* Fixed /stats NPE for offline players
* Added /removeleaderboard (not tested)

1.3.0 SNAPSHOT Jul 6, 2020
Update 1.3.0
* Fixed ConcurrentModificationException for BountyManager
* End killstreak rewards now work again
* Players can no longer set bounties on themself
* Fixed a NPE for PayoutHandler line 23
* No longer neccessary to have integrated leaderboards enabled for stats to be refreshed
* Fixed bug when using %pvpstats_nextlevel_xp%
* Players will not get rewards for ending own killstreak
* Possible fix for leaderboard duplication
+ Holographic Displays is now a dependency for leaderboards (This is because it will allow 1.7 users to use this plugin without me needing to
keep track of two plugins)
+ Bounty will pause when player is outside designated pvp regions
+ Killstreak will now reset for every type of death
+ Included bStats
+ Added pvpstats.bounty.bypass to bypass cooldown
+ Now possible to set bounties from within console
+ Leaderboard for top bounties now available
+ Now possible to view /stats while player is offline
+ PlayerHeads system
+ Integrated combatlog system
+ Added /removelb (pvpstats.removeleaderboard permission)

1.2.1 Jun 15, 2020